FIRER S QUALIFICATION SCORE REMARKS NIGHT FIRE EXERCISE GO NO GO CBRN FIRE EXERCISE SCORER S INITIALS DATE INITIALED YYYYMMDD OFFICER S INITIALS DA FORM 5790-R JAN 2011 PREVIOUS EDITIONS ARE OBSOLETE. Page 1 of 2 APD PE v1.00ES This scorecard is used to score alternate course record fire qualification when the 25-meter scaled silhouette target NSN 6920-01-167-1398 is used. The alternate course is used only when standard record fire and known distance ranges are unavailable. RECORD FIRING...
June 17, 2015
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Who needs a DA 5790-R?

This form is used in the US army to score the firing skills of the soldiers. The hits are evaluated from three firing positions: prone supported or foxhole supported firing position, prone unsupported firing position, and kneeling firing position. The firers have one 20-round magazine and two 10-round magazines. The examiner counts the number of hits for each table and writes it down in the table. The firer will fire 40 rounds.

What is the DA 5790-R form for?

The DA form 5790-R is used to score alternate course record fire qualifications when the 25-meter scaled silhouette target is used. The alternate course is appropriate when the standard record fire and known distance ranges are unavailable (for example, if the soldier is pregnant or has any disabilities). Each hit means one point. If the firer gets 36-40 points, he or she has the qualification of an expert; 30-35 points - sharpshooter; 23-29 points - marksman; 22 and below points - unqualified shooter.

Is the DA 5790-R form accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany the fillable DA 5790-R with other forms.

When is the DA 5790-R form due?

The qualification score in the form is valid for 24 months.

What information should be provided in the DA 5790-R form?

The officer has to type the soldier’s ID code, unit, date of examination, and evaluator’s ID code. The examiner is to check the appropriate box (hit or miss) for each shot for all the three positions and at various ranges. On the basis of this information, the qualification score of the soldier is determined. The examiner also has to type his initials and the scorer’s initials and date the form.

What do I do with the form after its completion?

The completed form is saved for the soldier’s records.

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