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POLICY NUMBER Sworn Statement POLICY AMT. AT TIME OF LOSS DATE ISSUED DATE EXPIRES IN PROOF OF LOSS COMPANY CLAIM NUMBER AGENT AGENCY AT To the INSURANCE COMPANY NAME of CITY STATE At time of loss by the above indicated policy of insurance you insured against loss by to the property described according to the terms and conditions of said policy and of all forms endorsements transfers and assignments attached thereto. Any other information that may be required will be furnished and considered...
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on the fourth day of June, 1912, and the casualty claim report says that the loss occurred in the City of Chicago. You will notice the time stamp as recorded on that claim report. The time is the date of loss. The loss occurred at 9 o'clock AM, Sunday, June the fourth, 1912. The casualty claim report will be located after I go to the city hall to get copies for submission to the Insurance Com- mission in Chicago. .I have been advised by The City of Chicago to take your claim, and that I have the responsibility for a loss resulting in the injury or death of any of my employees, and for other losses. .I have been warned that as a policy holder, I could be required as a matter of course, and upon submission to the insurance commission, to pay for your loss, and that the costs would be your responsibility in accordance with the policy of insurance. I will ask my insurance agent to forward your claim to the Insurance Com- mission if this policy is in force. I am not aware that it is. .. .Your faithful and obedient servant, JOSEPH L. LEONARD, Agent, Insurance Department. INSURANCE DIVISION 535 NORTH PARK Avenue, Chicago. IL 60614 (847) 845-2340 THE INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE UNITED STATES INSCRIPENTIAL PROFESSION IN AFRICAN-AMERICAN SLAVES The State and National headquarters of the Insurance Company of the United States. CTA TRANSIT NEWS July 20, 1969 • The new fare policy is sure to be controversial, as fare evasion is a huge problem as far north as the Carolinas and south as the Mississippi Delta, where some motorists regularly violate the three hour limit, even in high traffic areas. As you turn south on CTA to Oak Park, stop at the fare control before entering Oak Park station. Take note of what the attendants are talking about: "We have an enormous amount of people coming to CTA to circumvent the fare policy," says Dan Koval, the head of the fare-enforcement division. "One out of every two cars is stopped every trip. We've stopped five million a year so far." As for the new fares, the company was careful to say it's a temporary solution to address the root problem as opposed to a temporary "fix." "The problem is too big and too complex to think of the solution by cutting corners," says Koval. "Our fare policy is aimed at the three
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The sworn statement and proof of loss looks like one single piece of paper that one single piece of paper is very important if you don't file it properly or if you don't file it in a timely fashion the insurance company can deny your claim therefore you need to contact an attorney or a public adjuster in certain circumstances who can assist you in telling you what is actually being asked for on the sworn statement and proof of loss
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