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Employers should immediately begin using the revised Form I-9 for all new hires and reverifications. If a current employee requires reverification after May 7 2013 employers must complete Section 3 of the new form and attach it to the employee s existing Form I-9. Please note however that the Spanish language version of the form may only be used in Puerto Rico. For an analysis of the new I-9 co-authored by Seyfarth partner Angelo Paparelli click here. I-9 is available here. Seyfarth plans a...
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Music form i-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States all US employers must ensure proper completion of form i-9 for each individual a hire for employment the forum is equipped with drop-down menus and a help feature assigned to each field we will demonstrate how to use these options later in this video let's look at an example of how to complete the form in its entirety in the first row of section one the employee will enter their first and last name along with their middle initial if the employee has had a different last name such as a maiden name it should be entered in the last field of the first row if no other last names have been used they must enter an A the second row is for the address the employee can hover over the question mark for instructions on how to fill out the apartment number field if an apartment number is not applicable the employee must enter na the employee can use this help feature at any point when filling out this form if they need further information let's move on the employee can now enter the city state and zip code notice that the state field offers a drop-down box for ease of selection the third row is for additional demographic information the date of birth is required and this format must be followed the social security number is voluntary unless the employer participates in eve Arif I email and phone numbers are also voluntary but cannot be left blank the employee must enter na if they elect not to disclose this information now let's look at the attestation section employees must select one of the four statuses in this section when a status is selected this area will Auto populate the fields that do not need to be completed as a result of their selection let's look at what happens when the employee selects number one a citizen of the United States if they click box number one the remaining open fields for boxes 3 & 4 will Auto populate with an MA let's look at another example if the employee selects box number three a drop-down appears in the second field allowing the employee to identify whether the number provided in the previous field is an alien number or a USCIS number similarly the fields related to box number four will auto-populate with MA the next section is for the employee signature the i-9 form cannot be signed and dated electronically section one must be printed and physically signed and dated by the employee in the preparer translator certification section one of the boxes must be selected if a preparer or translator was used then the rest of the sections should be completed once the employee completes section one they will click the button to finish a pop-up will appear asking if they would like to review the document for missing information they should select yes if the document is completed properly it will prompt them to print and sign let's look at section two this section is completed...