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School name, End Year. School name, Graduation/Diploma Subject & Honors Year. SURROGATE: Yes/No ? This can be included in a covering letter MISC. RELOCATE: Yes/No ? Not included in email/cover letter ETC. (see “What if the applicant needs a visa”) (please note, I do not provide visa forms to UK nationals) What is a Supporting/Approved/Resident Visa? Supporting Visa A supporting visa or approved visa gives the holder greater access to UK residency rights. This does not grant the holder any extra rights under UK immigration law over other citizens. The Immigration Act 2014 allows the UK Secretary of State to grant support visas to EU citizens in exceptional circumstances to enhance the rights of their family members to visit them. There is an application fee to make this case. Approved Visa Under current law, there are four categories of visas: The Tier 1 Visa is the easiest to gain, granting access to most people (subject to the usual rules), provided you meet the minimum eligibility requirements. The Tier 2 Visa is for high quality skilled workers and investors. The Tier 3 Visa is for those with a business or professional training background who must contribute to the UK economy. A Tier 3 Visa is issued to those whose presence in the UK is “for the purpose of providing professional or business support.” A Tier 4 Visa is for family members already in the UK in order to allow them to settle in the UK without imposing on the family's ties abroad and therefore allowing greater access to residency rights. Resident Visa A resident visa permits the holder to live and work in the UK for up to 5 years. Resident visas allow the holder to work and pay capital gains tax within the UK (subject to their home country's rules) and they can claim certain benefits, depending on their own circumstances. The most significant benefits of resident visas are family reunion and to bring EU nationals with them. Some other benefits that may be available for applicants include: Entry on the student visa route; Relative right to remain permanently to your main partner; and A right to remain in the UK for the purpose of sponsorship (at least 18 years of age).
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