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Post: Student Sports Motivator Sport 4 U Volunteer Application Form THE INFORMATION YOU SUPPLY ON THIS FORM WILL BE TREATED IN CONFIDENCE. To apply for this post please return your completed application
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Hello everyone this is Steve and today I was on just looking around like I it's one of my favorite websites I look for stuff and I scroll down to the bottom and I was scrolling through stuff and I saw right here Amazon careers so being curious I hit it and basically came up with a list of a lot and I mean a lot of jobs and careers at Amazon have you ever considered if you're in the market for a job have you ever considered Amazon I'm telling you there are a lot of jobs available at Amazon and I thought it was kind of cool it'll take you to this page right here I want to search and apply for jobs online click that and it's going to give you a lot of different options here you can search for jobs by keyword any job category over here this drop-down will give you all kind of different options and it'll also let you search by locations and when I say locations it's actually worldwide so let's just for example let's go to the United States in Phoenix Arizona let's click that let's go up here and click a category let's click administrative support and do a search okay well there's no jobs for that but let's go back up here there's no jobs in in Phoenix but let's go up here let's scroll back to the top and let's click all locations in Amazon and click search now and see what we come up with and now we come up with a ton of jobs and these are in the United States as well as worldwide so here's an executive assistant job in Seattle Washington it describes a job into qualifications and you can actually apply for the job online I think that's pretty cool if you are in a job search this may be one of those places you need to look let's go let's try something else let's go to audio video and photography production I'm going to leave it at all locations let's do a new search okay there is a lot of jobs available photographer styling assistant digital tech let's click the digital tech this one is available in Brooklyn New York Amazon is looking for a digital photography technician to work in there Brooklyn oops sorry about that to work in there Brooklyn Apparel studio well that's pretty cool let's try one more let's go to marketing and PR I'm going to leave it at law all locations click search and there if you're in the marketing your content manager if you want to work in China they have jobs available in China here's a senior digital marketing manager available in Seattle Washington so if you're looking for a job you may want to expand your search go to go to the homepage scroll down to the bottom let's grow all the way down to the bottom and right here click careers and who knows maybe you'll find a very good job in a career at give it a try