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Small tax cases are handled under simpler less formal procedures than regular cases. However the Tax Court s decision in a small tax case cannot be appealed to a Court of Appeals by the IRS or by the taxpayer s. You can choose to have your case conducted as either a small tax case or a regular case by checking the appropriate box in paragraph 4 of the petition form Form 2. To protect your privacy you are strongly encouraged to omit or remove from this Petition from any enclosed IRS Notice and...
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Who needs a Tax Court Petition Form?

A person filing their case in the United States Tax Court should complete a Tax Court Petition (also known as a Form 2). This form must be completed as a response to an IRS Notice of Deficiency or Notice of Determination.

This court petition could be qualified as a small tax case or a regular tax case. To be considered as a small case your petition must meet the certain dollar limits:

    The amount of your deficiency should be less than 50,000 dollars in case of an IRC Notice of Deficiency;

    The amount of an unpaid tax should be less than 50,000 dollars in case of an IRC Notice of Determination Concerning Collection Action;

    The amount in dispute should be less than 50,000 dollars for an IRS Notice of Worker Classification.

What is a Tax Court Petition Form for?

This petition must describe reasons and facts that justify disagreement with the IRS determination in an applicant’s case. A submitter should indicate all the mistakes they believe the IRS has made in the case.

Is a Tax Court Petition Form accompanied by other forms?

The following documents should be directed to the Court accompanying your Tax Court Petition:

    A copy of IRS Notice of Deficiency or Notice of Determination a submitter received from the IRS;

    An applicant’s statement of Taxpayer Identification Number (Form 4);

    A request for a place of trial (included with filler’s Tax Court Petition form);

    The official fee of $60.

Please note, tax forms, receipts, or other types of tax documentation must not be attached to this Tax Petition form.

When is the Tax Court Petition Form due?

A limited time for filing this Petition is usually set by the IRS in the notice received by the taxpayer. You could check this due period as it’s stamped on the Notice of Deficiency or the Notice of Determination. Typically, the terms vary from 30 to 150 days, depending on the specifics of each case.

How do I fill out a Tax Court Petition Form?

First, you should indicate which IRS Notice you are going to dispute. Then you need to determine whether your Court Petition is a small tax case or not. In either case, you should complete the main block explaining why you disagree with the IRS determination. After completing your form, you must sign the petition and indicate your actual place of residence and registration address.

Where do I send the Tax Court Petition Form?

The petition must be filed with the Tax Court in Washington, D.C. at the following address: United States Tax Court, 400 Second Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20217-0002.

Hello and welcome to tax court help net this site has the information you need to win your case in the United States Tax Court in addition to an extensive resource library you will find samples from every chapter of Lysander Enables book on your own in tax court the book is available electronically for immediate download or as a 295-page paperback book Enables book is a complete step-by-step guide to running and winning your case in the United States Tax Court the book has all the information you need to win in tax court it's written in plain English and organized to keep you on top of your case from start to finish the IRS claims to win over ninety percent of tax court cases, but that's statistic like a lot of the information we get from the IRS doesn't tell the whole story the IRS declares a tax court victory if any part of the case is decided in their favor but in almost half the cases taxpayers win at least a partial reduction in the amount they owe to win in tax court you have to understand what's going on and the very first thing you need to know is this a tax court trial is not about the law the only purpose of a trial is to determine the facts that's right trials are not about the law trials are about the facts' courtroom layering is aimed at getting facts favorable to your case into the record and keeping out those facts that will help your opponent you should never discuss the law until the facts are on the record the fastest way to convince the court and your opponent that you don't know what you are doing is to talk about the law before the trial continue to talk about the law before the facts are established, and you will also show your opponent exactly what you are going to argue later the game is poker not chess showing your hand too early can be a fatal mistake to win in tax court you will need to know how to present your facts and exclude your opponent's facts eventually you will need to know and argue the law but to win in tax court what you really need to know are the rules of the court and the federal rules of evidence the courts rules and the rules of evidence have the force and effect of law in the courtroom trial lawyers succeed and fail by them courtroom battles are over the admission and exclusion of evidence not over the law now that you know this you know more than 99% of the people who will petition the Tax Court on their own the rules are the key to success they are not long or complicated your opponent will be thoroughly familiar with them, and he will generally expect that you hardly know them at all but with the information in on your own in tax court and a reasonable ability to read and learn new material you can master the rules and use them to win your case US tax court is a hostile foreign land for taxpayers everyone you encounter in your tax court case is dependent for his paycheck on money the IRS takes from you and people like you, they are not there to help you they are there to extract every dollar they...
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