STATEMENT BY A VENDOR OF A SMALL BUSINESS Estate Agents Act 1980 Section 52 Introduction Form 2, Regulation 7, Estate Agents (General, Accounts and Audit) Regulations 2008 For the purposes of Section
section 55 estate agents act

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So hey guys welcome to this episode of reality versus expectations where I get people from different careers and have them write 5 to 10 different cards on what they thought the crew is gonna be like versus what it's actually like on this episode I have Brian who has been a real estate agent for a few years now and he's quite a successful real estate agent he already has a Nissan Skyline as well as a branding a house in just a couple of years so with that being said let's get straight to this interview hey Brian thanks for being a guest on my youtube channel to talk about the reality vs. expectations of being a real estate agent can you first introduce yourself to the audience hey man thanks for having me Brian Casella I just turned 30 today actually I'm here in Southern California in the Rowland Heights area so I service what would be northern Orange County and kind of the eastern LA County been in the business about three years now finishing my third year first year I did about 15 homes last year I did just over 30 and this year we're shooting for 50 homes sold and yeah I never done sales before I just jumped into real estate I started doing well right away I mean that's your office right there right that's in the background so you're obviously doing pretty well and I know it's actually really hard to sell 50 homes in one year that's incredibly fast and you're the leader of that group of your sales group yeah I have two people under me now we started off just by myself I was hustling I did a lot of research on the back end because I come from an athletic background so I have a really high level of Drive and focus and discipline so I kind of took that same mindset when I got into real estate and I knew ultimately for me building a team would be best because you can leverage yourself yes I mean as someone who has a friends as real estate agents to be able to sell your 15 homes in your first year is pretty insane like most people don't you come here this around but most people pretty lucky if they could sell like three houses in one year other first year is that correct yeah the average real estate agent here's a statistic that people don't know the first two years that somebody's in the business if they last which 93 percent of people fail the first year - out of the business the ones that do survive they average about $7,000 in made income each year the first few years and they say on average the average real estate agent will sell two to four homes a year which is pretty bad even after the Ferraro's I've only for the first two years and then after that it usually goes up our is that the average fray like throughout the whole career that's average for all active licensees in the business and another statistic came out last year that over half of the people who are licensed didn't even sell one house Wow so even though it may seem like real estate agent is like the glamorous career because you see the ones on TV you see a rabbit kosaki Rich Dad...