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SANTA MONICA HIGH SCHOOL College Career Center LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION BRAG SHEET Class of 2009 PERSONAL DATA SECTION Soc. Sec. 1. Submit brag sheet to Teachers and House Advisor/House Principal by October 1 for Early Action/Decision November 15 for applications due in December November 30 for Regular Decision or Rolling Admission. Who is writing your letter of recommendation from a counselor s perspective ACADEMIC RECORD 1. Remember that the person writing your recommendation wants to do a...
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Hi my name is Spencer I'm an admissions expert here at top test prep today I want to talk about what we call a brag sheet what's a brag sheet a brag sheet is essentially a resume for your college applications I've written elsewhere that you don't need a resume for your college applications a brag sheet however can help a lot so what's on a brag sheet a brag sheet is a list of three or four accomplishments for each grade in high school going back also to eighth grade if you like basically it's things that are important to you so when you're making a brag sheet do some brainstorming and write down a million things it can be things that seem insignificant at first then pick the three or four that are most important to you for each grade arrange it nicely on a piece of paper organized by grade with your identifying information at the top so what's a brag sheet good for first thinking through all of your accomplishments will help you immensely when you're writing your essays and when you're writing your application as a whole second of all you should bring a copy of your brag sheet whenever you meet with a potential recommender the brag sheet will impress them, and it'll also help them to write a better letter for you if you'd like to learn more about college admissions give us a call at one eight hundred five one seven thirty-seven or visit our website at
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