CBP Form 258 03/06 FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT NATIONAL SECURITY POSITIONS The estimated average burden associated with this collection of information is Two Hours per response including the time for reviewing instructions searching existing data sources gathering and maintaining the data needed and completing and reviewing the reported information. Comments concerning the accuracy of this burden estimate and suggestions for reducing this burden should be directed to CBP Information Services...
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Who needs a CBP Form 258?

CBP Form 258, which is a Financial Disclosure Report is designed by the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection agency. Individuals applying for national security positions must fill out this form.

What is the CBP Form 258 for?

The information that is required by the form will be analyzed and used in national security investigations to guarantee that applicant if employed meets all the demands and is consistent with the national security interests.

Is Form CBP-258 accompanied by other forms?

The supporting documentation should be provided upon request. But as a separate document, it doesn’t require any additional forms to attach.

When is CBP Form 258 Employee Status due?

Financial Disclosure Report form is to be filled out after a job seeker claimed their wish to work for national security agency, e.i. filed their employment application. If their candidacy is approved, they will be furnished with CBR 258 Form.

How to fill out the Financial Disclosure Report form?

It is out of the question that the process of filling out this form should be taken seriously and carely. All the fields should be completed with the following information:

  • Claimant’s basic details
  • Annual income data
  • Bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Owned and rented property
  • Mortgages/ loans
  • Liabilities
  • Additional income
  • Claimant’s certification

Where do I send Form CBP-258?

The original copy of the Financial Disclosure Report Form must be submitted with the office that requested the form, yet it is still necessary that the applicant retains another copy for their records.


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