Official Form 22C (Chapter 13) (10/06) In re Debtor(s) Case Number: (If known) F The applicable commitment period is 3 years. F The applicable commitment period is 5 years. F Disposable income is

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this report did not compare students to students but instead compared black students to the district average those one author of the study said quote San Diego Unified is a good district it doesn't mean it's a good district for black children and their families the district though disagrees with that I was deeply upset Mohammed Abdi is a grad student at SDSU and co-author of this new study which finds dramatic disparities along racial lines in school discipline throughout San Diego Unified School District we don't believe that black students are misbehaving more than any other students here's what it found the suspension rate for black female students is five point one percent forty six percent higher than the district average for black male students it's ten point seven percent 206 percent higher than the average the study also finds that black male foster youth is the subgroup most likely to be suspended at 26 percent and these students already come from troubled backgrounds and they're coming to school just to be suspended and this is very upsetting and disheartening the highest disparities in suspension rates district-wide were in kindergarten through third grade I can't think of one good reason why you would want to suspend a kindergarten student in response San Diego Unified sent this statement quote as more and more students experience academic success in school and more schools create safer inclusive and collaborative learning environments we expect suspension rates in San Diego Unified will continue to decline below what is already the lowest suspension rate among urban districts in the state parents we spoke with had mixed reactions to the SDSU study I wasn't surprised it's something that in the black community we've always done with being a black male myself it's extremely frustrating to hear that so Mari Young whose eight-year-old son is in the third grade says the study raises questions and he wants answers and if it is an issue I've definitely as a parent I want to see it addressed for any race if it was white black Hispanic I mean these are kids they're our future