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Fax order to 970-407-1447 Then please call 970-407-1446 to confirm your order. 1 start here (please print) date CSU 649 South College Avenue 11a.m. to 10 p.m. D 3 PLEASE CALL TO CONFIRM YOUR ORDER.
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Alright guys so today I'm going to goover how to order to pull a onlinebecause that's the only thing you everneed to learn in life is how to orderChipotleso first things it'll have you do isselect location now because I'mconnected to my home's Wi-Fi it can tellme that my nearest one is like less thana mile awayotherwise you can look for other ones ifI wanted one that's towards my other jobat Springboro or if I wanted one in dateunit or Beaver Creek by school I canselect them of those and order it but Iwill order the one that is right next tomy house and then you started doing thefun stuff so personally I'm a burritobowl person and then from here you canchoose all your fillings so I likechicken and steak white rice no beans hedoes hoppings chili corn salsa andlettuce now there's also a drop-down barright here for special instructions Iput things here like I would like lightwhat is because if not they put a massamount of lettuce on there and thenthere's also chips salsa and guac belowI'll get chips and chili corn salsa andthen there's also a part to add drinks Iwon't do that today so if you're doneyou just add that to your bag and thenI'll ask for a name now at this locationthey knew me as Missouri Jane Dean'sIsland ghost that is usually who I comein as and then after you're done you caneither create another meal or just checkout so we're going straight to checkoutand this just recently changed but theymake you put in your email and yourpassword so your credit card andeverything will be saved and after thatyou can choose to pay with the gift cardcredit card or in-store I would say thatI'm going to choose in-store and thenyou'll click review and you have yourtotal here of everything you have whoit's forHughes picking it up where you'repicking it up and then you can select atimethey open at 11:00 a.m. and then you canchoose all the way down at 9:45 p.m. andthen you can always edit how you'regoing to pay and then once you're doneyou just click place orderwell that is all guys thanks forwatching