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Cashier Report Form Robins Parent Teacher Organization Staffed By Specify purpose for Cash Box Date The starting and ending total amounts are required as well as any additions/subtractions to the cash box. Starting Cash Den 20. 00 10. 00 x Ending Funds Cash Checks Qty Total Amount Checks List additional checks on back Initial Cash Signature of Treasurer or Officer Providing Cash Box Verification of Counter Signature of Cashier s Accepting Cash Box Cash Additions/Subractions Amounts or -...
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Bank reconciliation part 1 George here is about to perform a bank reconciliation the procedure for doing this is as follows step 1 firstly we have to tick off the bank statement to the cash book this involves identifying each item recorded on the bank statement that also appears in the cash book this is done by checking the amounts and details on the statement and in the cash book where amounts and details correspond we tick off the items on both the statement and the cash book so the first item shown on the bank statement that is also in the cash book is check number 0 1 1 2 9 1 which is a payment we've made 2spooky timers so we need to tick off both of the entries as being matched we simply carry on going through all of the receipts and payments and tick off all of the ones that are shown in both the bank statement and the cash book you once we've ticked off all the items that we can we move on to the next step so for step two we now need to update the cash book for all the items that appear on the bank statement but are not shown in the cash book this typically includes items such as standing orders direct debits bank charges and interest we don't record them in the cash book until the bank statement arrives as we won't be certain about the details dates and amounts until we actually see them on the statement so we need to find all the items on the bank statement that we didn't take off for each one we need to write it up in the cash book the first item relates to a Direct Debit payment 2sw telephone services for 220 pounds and 15 P so this is the first entry to record in the cash book once all the untyped items on the statement have been written up in the cash book the cash book should be complete we then need to balance off the cash book to do this we need to identify which side of the cash book is the greatest in terms of monetary value the receipt side in this instance indicating that we have money in the bank we total up the receipt side and the thicker we arrive at is immediately recorded as a total in both the receipts and payments side the items on the payment side of the cash book do not currently add up to the total we have just recorded so to rectify this we need to calculate a balancing figure so add up the amounts on the payment side and deduct the figure from the total this figure will become your balance carry down figure which in this instance is 706 pounds and 18 P we transfer this figure to the receipt side of the cash book below the total and this brought down figure represents the amount we actually have in the bank ie 706 pounds and 18 P step three is to produce a reconciliation to ensure that what we think is in our bank account agrees with what the bank thinks we have in our bank account the only differences should be one outstanding checks ie money we've paid out but hasn't cleared yet meaning that these payments do not appear on the bank statement yet and two unrecorded lodgements ie money that we've paid it into our...
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