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DOG ADOPTION REHOMING AGREEMENT This agreement documents the transfer of ownership of the dog named, from the Rehoming Family () to the Adopting Family (). The agreement shall remain in effect for
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Music most of the time when a dog is at its end of service then the handler generally will take the dog and adopt him, and I was informed that there's nobody took him that they would probably euthanize them and for me, it was a no-brainer and I said I'll take him that kind of opened the floodgates and that's what really catapulted me into getting involved in this for us its important that these dogs are never forgotten, and I think a lot of times they do get forgotten and that's where an organization like the warrior Dog Foundation steps in and prevents that dog from being euthanized, and then we have taken these dogs ask nothing of us and provide so much for our troops for our police officers for our communities for our nation I spent a little over 12 years active duty in the SEAL Teams I was on a deployment to Iraq when I was first just around military working dogs of any caliber for me that was really my life switch moment we are the last ditch effort for a lot of these dogs and the reality of it is every one of these dogs would be in a beautiful a shazamicon the capabilities and efficacy of these dogs is almost impossible to overstate we've taken dogs from just about everywhere at this point the US military Department of Defense a state local law enforcement customs border control federal law enforcement they're trained to apprehend and neutralize threats on average most dogs will spend the first several years of their life training to get to a level where they can either be deployed for the US military or implemented on the street as a police k-9 good pup a number of the dogs when they get here have the human equivalent to PTSD she's always ready it is kind of like running a kindergarten Sundays sit, but it's a lot of fun to the textbook principle that we employ here is using positive reinforcement to shape behavior if loud helicopter noises or gunfire things of that nature are what setting this dog off then those need to be reintroduced but very, very calculated even though they're retired they're still networking mindset so we kind of would like to get them kind of distressed a little decompressed a little untrained if you were a little unwound and just kind of let them know that like there's not a bomb around every corner that it's okay for you to let your guard down and roll in the grass and chase butterflies again well the things I like to do with the dogs is essentially just let them be a dog you know enjoy their time stretch their legs check things out and when they make that decision to come back to me, I arc it with this and give them a reward, and we just shaped that behavior and build that trust eventually you'll notice that that dog isn't so high-strung in the kennel anymore and then when you feel like its probably okay for you to let him out and interact with them a little just kind of see what he's about we do tuck it, so it's just like a little orange ball, and we just keep the crap out of it and all the way down feel the...
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