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APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT Party City Retail Group is a drug free smoke free work safe environment We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. I understand that nothing in this application or any other Party City documentation or an acceptance of employment creates or is an employment contract between Party City and me and that should I be hired my employment would be for no fixed duration and could be terminated by me or Party City at any time with or without cause reason or notice. I authorize...
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Cell Phone: Work: Email: Preferred Email Address: Please email your resume and cover letter in Microsoft Word format to Thank you and good luck! Job Type: Full-time. Required experience:.

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Please describe your job title and primary duties, so my role at Party City was kind of like a seasonal employee around the Halloween season they need a lot more help because that's where a lot of people get their costumes and decorations, so you know I was a seasonal employee that helped with their Halloween decorations from I would say maybe mid-September to the mid to mid-November what was the work environment like um it was really fun work environment with a place called with the place like Party City it's just a's a great place to work because there's so many interesting things going on you know the requests we got for you know one costume or the other was just you know trying to help people find the costume they were looking for was something that I found challenging but also really fun how would you describe the application and interview process, so I actually got pretty fortunate I was just walking by the store and I saw that they were hiring for the season and I had some extra time I went in I picked up an application it was relatively basic you know basic information and then why you know why you wanted to work at Party City, so I am few other questions, and then I had a short 15-minute interview and I think that the point of that interview is just see how I interacted with my manager, and you know whether I would be somebody good to have on the floor help helping customers what questions to think of you were asked during the job interview they asked whether I had any other experience like leading people or had a lot of experience interacting with people, and I was relatively involved in my high school, so I was able to bring up other things that I had done you know whether it was like planning my prom and having to work with like outside vendors and entities or you know advertising to you know students and like interacting with them on a one-on-one basis, so I think that was something that they appreciated more than anything I think that's what they were looking for what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment I think that the most important thing in terms of getting the job is to expand upon the answers that you're given, so I remember somebody one of my friends also applied in his interview ended up being like three minutes long because they asked a question he gives a two-sentence response, but you know when they asked what kind of experiences do you have working with different people don't just talk about one thing talk about everything you've done within your know within reason, and you know really build upon those experiences and if you can pull answers from one question into another it shows I think a level of cohesion which is really admirable and something that a lot of employers like parties


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