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GIPPSLAND WATER PRESSURE TESTING RESULTS SHEET WATER PIPELINE PRESSURE TEST Street(s) / Section: Town: Contractor: Contractor s Testing Responsible Officer: Important Notes: 1. All pipelines shall
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. A sample of the pressurized product shall be drawn into a tank furnished by the responsible officer. 4. All tests should be performed during the business hours from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 5. All fluids shall be drawn off the vessel and placed into a fresh, safe and dry storage tank. 6. If piping has been subjected to the type of corrosion known to occur after the pipe has been exposed to the weather for a long period of time, and the water in the line has accumulated enough salts to adversely affect its function and integrity, testing for these effects is to be performed as follows: a. A clean, dry, dry water sample of no more than 0.1 m3(1) (1.7 L) must be drawn into a tank and held there for no more than one hour. It must be kept at -60°C (140° F) and protected from excess humidity and the weather. b. A clean, dry, dry water sample of no more than 0.1 m3 (1.7 L) must be drawn into a tank and held there for one hour and the samples tested for alkali conductivity, chloride conductivity, temperature conductivity, and conductivity over a range (W/m) 0-60°C (32-140° F). All these data points must be recorded along with, (i) samples of salt solution and (ii) the total conductivity measured for each sample. All data shall be kept in a logbook. 7. All tests required to be made at all times by the responsible officer shall be done under the conditions of Section IV., above, if the results are to be used and must be made available to any person responsible for the pipeline. 8. A test conducted in a laboratory shall indicate the results in accordance with the International Standards Organization (ISO) Standard No 595/90. (See Appendix B.) 9. A test may be conducted on pipelines without having a licensed engineer in attendance at the time. 10. Where practicable tests shall be performed by the most experienced person. 11. Where practicable tests shall be performed in accordance with the recommendations for the testing procedures in Chapter IV.(D), in Section IV., above. 12. All tests shall be performed on oil or gas pipelines that are installed and operated under pressure in accordance with applicable national and International Standards Organization (ISO) specifications. EXPLOSIVE DETECTION AND TESTS 1. In accordance with Sections V and VIII., a test for detection and testing
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