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F m Oxford Primary Science 5 Teacher Guide s Nicholas Horsburgh A Course for Pakistani Schools Introduction The Concept of the Course This Teacher s Guide has been written to show you how to go about teaching the text in the pupil s book. Do not think of it as the last word in the matter of teaching science but use it where you feel it will help* Don t be afraid to try out your own ideas and diverge where appropriate. Use additional material where you feel it is necessary and always be aware...
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to the best of your ability try to explain why such knowledge should be given and when. Remember this is written for Pakistani secondary schools. You should also be aware that the primary school curriculum is very different from high school. As you will have to use a different set of vocabulary, grammar rules, and techniques the text can be quite different. If you do not already know of what you are doing, you may find it useful to consult with the academic advisers at the relevant school. These should guide you to the things needed to be taught on the basis of the syllabus. We strongly advise, however, that you do not attempt to teach this on the job. This may result in a situation where students end up being discouraged and not wanting to learn science. In addition, the course may not be a good way to prepare them for a life-time of study. You should note here that the teacher does not have to be a teacher. In many situations teachers have excellent preparation. They may have done independent study on the subject, which gives them an accurate background of the subject, some practical skills, and perhaps also some teaching experience to help it to flourish. You do this by the methodologies detailed below. Your responsibility is to be confident and competent in your own subject, but not in any particular subject. The main objective of teaching the text is to teach it and understand it, and you should aim to do this without too much thought for the way things will be done. Teacher - Text preparation The Text preparation is to give you some idea of what you should expect after reading the text. Make sure you have some idea about how the text is to be presented to the pupil. Make sure that your own teaching is relevant to the text. It does not matter that some teacher may have a higher level of understanding than others. If you are not teaching in the UK, you will need access to a good copy of the English text, and the source for the teaching resource, if available. If you would like to prepare your resources as a pdf file you should first make sure you have already converted them to a pdf format. A list of pdf conversion tools can be found at here. You should prepare a pdf for each chapter. The chapter should be listed in sequence starting from the beginning of the text, then for each of the main questions which we are going to focus on we will list the questions it is answerable to. Each paragraph should be in a separate pdf. The question
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