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Hey everyone this video is the long-awaited very first video in the new fabric series and I know you guys have been waiting for this video me too I've been waiting to do it I hope you're taking notes because this video is going to be ton of background info a ton of vocabulary words at the end of this video at the very least I want you to be able to talk to a sales rep and sound somewhat intelligent and so all the things that they talk about don't seem so completely foreign alright that's the goal after this video I'm really excited to do this series you guys because I said this a million times and I will say it to anyone who will sit down for two seconds and listen to me fabrics and fibre technology are the true future of fashion okay silhouettes can only go so far because our bodies are going to stay the same I mean if you look at evolution uh we all look the same just hunched over and hairier but yeah human bodies we rolled it with two arms two legs a neck you know but there is no limit to where we can go with fiber technology and it is one of the huge pathways to sustainability in fashion and see now I'm totally excited and talking about this thing but let's reel it back into the basics okay so number one the atomic fineness is this video this is the best video oh okay calm down Zoe calm down it's like 9 o'clock at night I have not had coffee for hours ok this is just how excited I am number one what is fabric you need two pieces of information you need fiber content and you need construction ok it's like when you bake a cake what do you need to do to make a cake you need the ingredients flour sugar eggs and you need the construction you mix things in bowls pour them in pans and then you bake them right and so when someone asks you what is this fabric or what is your favorite fabric I'll say ELQ silk is not a fabric silk is a fiber and so it's like saying what's your favorite food uh and then you answer flower uh no because I think technically if you eat raw flower you could get really sick like I don't think humans are supposed to ingest raw flower ok so you need the fiber content and the construction and that's going to give you your fabric so let's talk about fibers you have to really understand fibers because they're the things that are going to tell you how different fabrics perform how they drape how they wick moisture away from the body all those things you have to understand the fibers so you have several categories of fibers number one you have fibers separated into natural and man-made natural fibers are anything that is based off a plant like cotton bamboo jute and then you have natural fibers that are animal based they're animal hairs like wool alpaca cash a camel hair and then you have silk it comes from silkworms and then you have man-made fibers manufacture fibers a lot of them are oil-based like polyester nylon spandex lycra is a brand name for spandex and people use them interchangeably like people say tissue and Kleenex and...
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