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In my more than 30 years of experience in law enforcement I can honestly say that I've never seen the levels of layoffs in real experience and today the numbers of lost officers has reached a staggering levels between january first 2009 and September 10 2010 New Jersey has lost a total of two thousand two hundred and twenty eight officers through the layoffs in retirement this number equates to an eleven percent reduction in our municipal police forces the economy and the potential crushing impact of the upcoming two percent cap has led towns throughout New Jersey to cut back on its basic responsibilities we have to do something now before the level of safety and security that the public needs and expect is no longer there and our crime rate expand the reality is that crime is going up and our police numbers are going down in irvington to say they have to lay off the plate 20 police officers violent crime had rapidly increased for sin in linen everything we were forced they were forced to bring those officers back after a period of 45 days because crime gravity increase violent crime went through the roof atlantic sea atlantic city has seen violent crime jump when 20 officers were laid off in june sadly just two hours ago another 40 officers from Atlantic City Police Department turned in their gun and badges and joined the ranks of the unemployed at a time with crime is up and crime is rising put officer safety and public safety in jeopardy I have been very vocal on the issue of understaffing layoffs in public safety and I will continue to do so there are some in the media and government were referred to the PBA is fear mongers alarmist who dismiss our concerns and special interest groups for those who claim these comments are scare tactics all hi contain say is take a look at the facts and know that history has proven that in bad times of economy crime increases and in this case I do represent a special interest group my special interest group is the safety of my officers and the safety of the citizens of the communities we serve this is not not to say that we don't recognize the burdens of the economic downturn is placed on the state in fact many ppl lead locals have negotiated the contracts to assist and prevent legal senior law enforcement officers has have accepted retirement to ensure that younger officers remain on the streets and the PPA has offered numerous towns are resources for our resources to assist them in cutting our cutting or erased and frivolous spending unfortunately this nuttin but might not be enough and to point out to the press but the impact reduce the impact of this really is a twofold one we have impact on the cities and the communities are conducing foursome please lie on ten drivers may rise to live and teach is less safe today than it was yesterday when he comes less safe yesterday that was back in May when we must be original 20 when you know when I was that we need to take the president of the PBA up on his offer...