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Music Google keep is a fantastic application for managing all of your notes and ideas but over the last few years more and more people are starting to use keep as their to-do list manager so today I want to show you a few different ways on how you can use keep to manage all of your tasks now the most simple or basic way to create a to-do list in keep is by using the checklist function here if we select new list we are given a new list format so we can just start entering our items immediately here on this new card now down below you can see that Ive already created two different to-do lists I have one titled to-do list work and another titled to-do lists personal and I recommend that you keep a separation between those two things its fine to have them side-by-side like you see here but when youre dealing with work you want to be focused on those work items now its very easy to add new items here simply type in your new item hit enter on the keyboard and you can get your your second item in nice and nice and quickly keep makes it very easy for you to prioritize and move your tasks in a different order just drag and drop and as soon as you check something off it will be kept for you and you can review it down here in the completed items area in case you made a mistake just uncheck that box and it will be returned to your master list up above like I mentioned you can create as many of these lists as possible you can go much further than just the work and personal categories which Ive created here but thats not the only way that you can create a to-do list within Google keep you will notice that I have a number of other notes or other note cards here within keep each one of them representing an individual task so this is another way in which you can keep on top of all of your tasks on top of all of your to dos and the great thing about doing this at the individual note level is that I can always add images to these cards I can add notes and further descriptions to these cards if I want I can even share and collaborate with others when I do it at the individual card level as well but dont worry about separation some of you may be thinking well I dont want all of my notes just in one unmanageable list thats where labels come into play so over here on the left hand side you can see Ive also created a personal label and a work label when I click on the work label now all I see are my work-related tasks and the great thing is is when I add a new task up here it will automatically add it to the work label area so anything that I add when Im focused here on my work-related tasks its all gonna come back here to my work related items if I click on personal again all I see are my personal related items and these colors for example other things that I set up can be unique to those labels or unique to that particular space now theres one other advantage of using the individual note level for your tasks and that is that you can add reminders to any task that you...
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