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you know our video production company visited communications is frequently videotaping out in the public arena we're often videotaping in a corporate environment in a manufacturing plant in the medical facility and most of the time we're using the employees of those particular venues for a lot of the action in the videos themselves in order to protect ourselves and our clients we ask that each person involved in the video sign a release it's a talent release and basically what it's doing is giving them permission or giving us permission to use them in the video in any way we see fit as long as it pertains to the business that we are videotaping that day now oftentimes people believe that's not necessary because the people working there are friendly with with the employers and so forth but we've had her occasion in the past where an employee became disgruntled did leave the facility and at that point asset is his presence be removed from that particular corporate video which was very difficult to do so what talent release is something you must bring to each production that you're going to that you know that you're going to be using talent from the facility and make them sign it and if they don't want to sign it they're not in the video and everybody's protected that's the talent release
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