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1040x 2017

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Form 1040X Rev. January 2018 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return OMB No. 1545-0074 Go to www.irs.gov/Form1040X for instructions and the latest information. This return is for calendar year Other year. Original number of exemptions or amount reported or See Form 1040 or Form 1040A instructions and Form 1040X instructions. Remember to keep a copy of this form for your records. Under penalties of perjury I declare that I have filed an...
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last name and last initialYour date of birthMonth, day of the yearDay, hour, minute, second, minute, second, etc.Your ZIP codeAddress on most recent tax returnIf not listed here, you also may fill out an online tax return by:Go to www.irs.gov/Form1040X for instructions and the latest information.This return is for month/year tax year (Jan - Dec)<|endoftext|>As the Obama administration and the Republican-led State House attempt to ram through what amounts to a constitutional rewrite of the Constitution, Republicans can turn to the American people — and to history — for ideas about what that new system should look like. For example, when Republicans were seeking to change Pennsylvania's state constitution in the late 1800s, their supporters turned to the Constitution. In June of 1894 the Republican State Convention adopted an amendment calling for a balanced budget amendment requiring tax levies to be used solely for the purpose of financing "such public works," as well as the creation of a "State Finance Commission" responsible for formulating policy. Although the Philadelphia Republican State Convention in 1868 had recommended a constitutional convention that would propose changes to the Pennsylvania constitution, it ultimately decided against doing so because they felt their chances of winning the election would be insufficient to pass a bill in Congress. Rather, the Convention in 1894 turned to the Constitution. The Philadelphia Republican convention adopted its first resolution on Aug. 21, 1894, outlining a plan of action for proposing a new state constitution (not the state legislature) — a change to the constitution that would have been a far more difficult process as the state legislature had the power to amend the constitution. Among those at the Convention, the resolution was proposed and seconded by Robert E. Drennan, a Democrat from Berks County. After reading the resolution, the Convention held an emergency meeting to discuss potential steps for passing a new constitutional reform bill. After considering several measures, the Convention considered only one proposal as far as the Constitutional Convention was concerned — the balanced budget amendment — before eventually deciding to recommend the resolution. When the Convention did not pass a new constitution in August, 1894, the Republican State Convention made preparations to change the Pennsylvania constitution back the following year. But the Republican Party's platform of 1896 — which set forth the party's platform for the next three elections — did not include the balanced budget amendment — a fact that the Convention had hoped would dissuade supporters from continuing with a constitutional convention. In an

Who needs a 1040x 2016 form?

This form is used by the taxpayers to correct the information in forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR and 1040 NR-EZ.

What is the purpose of the 1040x 2016 form?

The Amended US Individual Income Tax Return is required to make the amendments and corrections to the individual income tax return forms. The IRS uses the information to make corrections in the database. The taxpayer can make the following changes: return filing status, income and deductions, number of exemptions, etc.

What other documents must accompany the 1040x 2016 form?

Depending on the reason of changes to the individual income tax return form, the taxpayer should attach other supporting documents. Keep in mind that changes in your return may need to adjust other items.

When is the 1040x 2016 form due?

This form should be filed after the taxpayer has filed the original return. As a rule, this form must be filed within two years after paying the tax. This date may be changed though for people who were mentally or physically unable to complete the form.

What information should be provided in the 1040x 2016 form?

The taxpayer has to fill out the following sections:

  • Personal information (name, social security number, spouse’s name and social security number, home address, phone number)

  • Amended return filing status

  • Income and deductions (original amount, net change, correct amount)

  • Tax liability

  • Payments

  • Refund of amount you owe

  • Exemptions

  • Presidential Election Campaign Fund

  • Explanation of changes

The form should be signed and dated by the taxpayer and preparer (if other than the taxpayer) and the spouse (if applicable).

What do I do with the 1040x 2016 form after its completion?

The signed Amended Tax Return and all the supporting documents are forwarded to the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, Austin, Texas.

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Instructions and Help about 1040x 2016 amended tax form
Laws calm legal forms guide form 1040x is a United States Internal Revenue Service tax form used for amending an individual's tax return it is based on amending all versions of the 1040 you must file the 1040 X within three years of the tax return you are attempting to amend the form 1040x can be obtained through the IRS s website or by obtaining the documents through a local tax office the tax form is to be filed by the taxpayer anytime before three years have passed for the amended tax return the form is identical to a form 1040 however additional boxes are listed to indicate changes first enter all of your personal information in the top set of boxes on the form include your name and social security number if you are filing a joint return you must also include your spouse's name and social security number state your contact information putting your address and foreign nation information if residing outside the United States indicate your filing status in the proper box below your contact information if married and filing separately you must put your spouse's Social Security number you must put your filing status even if you are not changing it with the form 1040x next enter all income and deductions as they appear on your original 1040 enter any changed amounts and the correct amount in the appropriate boxes complete the form 1040x copying line for line all information as it appeared on your original tax return for items that you have amended you must include the original amount the changed amount and the correct amount once you have completed all lines one through 31 you must check the appropriate box in part two and then write an explanation of your amended 1040 in part three if you have any additional documents to support the amendment you must attach them to the form 1040x make sure that you fully explain the amendment as it must be approved by the IRS sign and certify the form 1040x in the appropriate boxes and supply the preparer information if prepared on behalf of another file the completed form with the IRS and keep a copy for your records to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws comm
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