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UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OFMEHRAJ UD DIN WADOOREGISTRATION FORMThis application is to enrol as a student in the Football Academy participating in academic and sports programme. The spaces in the academy
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hey whats going on my name is Ben neighbors Im the founder of soccer entrepreneur and today I wanted to welcome you to our new YouTube channel where Im going to be showing you how to create your soccer academy now if youre watching this video its proven to me that youre interested in starting and maybe you dont know the proper steps on how to get started or maybe youre a trainer who is already in business and you want to scale to the next level and the thing I want to tell you first before we talk about anything else is Im the trainer who is actively still de minimus Im still training players privately in small groups or in clinics and Im not the kind of trainer whos just going to show you how to do something and I dont practice what I preach you know I still train players every day and what Im going to be talking about are things that are working for me and theyre going to be things that work for other trainers as well other trainers that Ive helped on a private one-on-one basis and the reason why I want to create this this free resource is because when I was younger I didnt have anything out there that walked me through how to get started you know how to bring on other trainers how to build my own programs how to build a website how to you know what you know how to market to certain families how to do anything and I had to learn everything pretty much on my own and I had to look at other sports and figure out how they were doing it and there wasnt a resource online that was specific for soccer and this is my mission is helping as many coaches as possible learn how to train as many players as they can and this is the way I can get back to the sport is by helping you help more players and the other thing Im talking about is when I was starting I never treated this as a business I always looked at it as a hobby as a way where I could have fun I could train players I could help them get better but I never really felt like it was something I could do full-time and this is all about my mindset and you know this is going to be something that we talk about other videos but I want you to know how possible it is for you to get started and build your own Academy that way you can control your schedule you are creating a life for yourself where youre doing exactly what you want you know if you feel like your purpose is to help soccer players get better Im going to ensure you youre in the right spot right now because Im going to help you do that and coming up were going to be having one video a week where Im going to walk you through some of our systems in our business and Im going to simplify everything that way you know you can get started and the last thing I want to talk about is Im living proof that anybody could do this you know when I went to college I played college soccer but I never went to business school I had a degree in exercise board science and when I first started it took me years to figure out how to run a business and how to do these...
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