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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing roofing estimate template free

Okay on this one we're just going toestimate our roofing based on theinformation that we've already gatheredfrom the template above the estimatingroofing geometry from 2d measurements soall that information feeds into intothese little squares right here so we'vegot our calculations for ourunderlayment or roofing metals ourstarter strip hip and ridge and then ourfield shingles all we've got to do fromthis point like I said all theestimating is already done all thegeometry is already done all we're goingto be doing is selecting materials sofor like here for example on ourunderlayment we're going to be selectinga 30-pound felt on that if we want to govalley flashing i've already got thatset at a 50 foot roll a 20 inch I'm notgonna do any drip edge because I'm gonnaquite frankly in this house we arereason just a wood drip edge filledshingles what we're gonna do is we'rejust going to use an architectural 30years Engel starter strip usuallyestimated a three tab 25-year and thensame thing for the hip and ridge Iusually just have made a three tab25-year hip and ridge cap and then letme scroll on down here that's our totalmaterials based on what we've selectedand then plug in our our labor rateright here so we can get that roofingdone for sixty four hundred and eightytwo dollars yeah at this point you canplay somewhat is well what if you wantto just go a three tab 25-year roofingshingle you can knock it down you knowquite a bit you want to see thosenumbers side-by-side so you can kind ofcompare themdoes your what it's about a thousanddollars different so now let me show youwhere this pricing is coming from nowthese are just a generic numbers I wantyou once you download these templates togo through and set your own informationand they're the the database is actuallyright here is to just click over hereand then all this information you canyou can just put in your own itemdescriptions item numbers however yourunit to measure your cost your your taxrate whether it's taxable or not youryour estimating factors your wastepercentages and it's just real simple todo that you can add and insert rows youcan have as many rows as you want to soanyway that's it on the roofing templateit's real simple let me back that outright there because I don't want todouble up my roofing and end up notgetting a job so let me just zero thatout and takes it back down to that soanyway that's the templatehappy estimatingyou