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Is a massive problem in North Texas let's put this in perspective 90% of the paper license plates you see on the road are fake that's an astounding number we knew that the fake ones are a cover-up for criminals and in often cases dangerous cars now consumer justice investigator Cristin severance has learned that the task force dedicated to catching these people is being shut down yeah guys and deputies say people use these fake paper license plates for a whole bunch of reasons their car won't pass inspection maybe they want to hide from police or they don't want to pay tolls on the toll way they say selling them helps fund cartels terrorists and traffickers but the governor cut the funds to the only task force in North Texas trying to stop it there are not enough hours of the day to catch all these people no there's not there's only four of us that are dedicated to do this four deputies spend all day every day pulling over cars with fake paper license plates this is a big problem the rest of the 14 member Dallas County clean air task force is made up of detectives right now about to meet with the task force we talked to one in undercover gear on the way to was staying I believe since we went to the one sticker the crime has triple criminals used to put phony inspection stickers on cars that wouldn't has inspection Texas no longer requires two stickers so some drivers are using fake paper plates to hide from the laws it's easier to get these paper tags on these vehicle paper plates are extremely easy to buy sell and make we were there as an undercover detective the man in the red shirt bought two paper plates from a guy in a gas station parking lot the traffic deputies were waiting nearby reproducing these tags like this on this vehicle that's a criminal offense you can't do that you could be arrested for something like that okay did you know that after they pulled the suspect over and searched his car they found a printer in the back seat which means he could be printing these anywhere and selling them on the spot he had been using to obviously make these tags and distributing Jose Hernandez is now facing two felony charges of tampering with the government document and dashcam video shows this car being pulled over for having a fake tag to the driver probably should have known better at the time Augustin saucedo was a Dallas County deputy constable he wasn't just using a fake tag he admitted to making them [Music] Salcedo was charged with reproducing temporary tags a felony the DA's office later reduced the charge to a misdemeanor he resigned from his job as a deputy constable see that one is going to be fake you can find paper plates for sale almost anywhere online this driver bought one on Facebook for $25 that easy way out could now cost him thousands of dollars in fines and fees with no insurance no good driver's license and fake tags I can't let the truck drive down the road either I have to tow it this woman this is a felony said she's...
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