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MEDICAL SERVICES PLAN (MSP)A B C DUSE CAPITAL LETTERS ONLY You can complete and submit this form online at www.gov.bc.ca/MSP/applyforpremiumassistanceAPPLICATION FOR REGULAR PREMIUM ASSISTANCE AND
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hey whats up everybody this is Michael D 10 mobile detail and I am working on this brand new Nissan today and I thought itd be a good time to show you some little tricks that I used for installing the diamond SS which has been problematic for a lot of installers theres some different things to worry about with flash time and things like that so let me show you a couple of my tricks and show you some of the basics of what they say to do and well go from there so flash time is basically the amount of time it takes for the solvent to evaporate and the ceramic begins to bond to whatever its applied to I like to test my flash times when Im installing because humidity will affect how quickly the flash happens because this varies so much from day to day I like to time it I do this by finding a reflective surface usually a piece of chrome or maybe a little bit of glass and I will install just a little spot no more than maybe two or three inches and then I will watch it carefully and see for the flash it looks a little like alcohol evaporating or something to that effect youll see it actually change color thats when I know its flashing and thats when I start to wipe it off so here is the basic process now bear in mind through each of these steps you want to be watching your flash times the heat may change the humidity may change a little bit and then it will affect how well the ceramic goes on so start small use a 1 foot by 1 foot square using back and forth and up and down motions to make sure you get good coverage I like to feather my edges just a little bit and pay a lot of attention to your edges because thats where things tend to get a little bit apt to get ridges and things like that that you have to fix later I like to level which means I just just gently drag a towel across the surface just to knock down the high ridges when youre buffing use a light pressure and wait until you feel the well the ceramic will kind of grab the microfiber towel and you want to make sure that it feels super super slick by the time youre done so one thing Id like to mention really quickly is that Im a bit of a klutz and I have in the past dropped the little white applicator pads that they provide with each bottle I have figured out this little hack that has worked for me pretty well and Id like to share with you guys so that if you ever find yourself in the same situation you can use this to finish the job or just make sure that if you do use this little hack you use thick microfiber towels to make sure that theres enough cushion between the paint and the little applicator will sanding block I guess you would call it that I picked up at I dont know it was autozone I think one other thing to mention is make sure you do a lot of double-checking go over every inch of the vehicle when youre done make sure you got all the high spots because its not quite cured just after you have finished it so go over everything and make sure youve gotten every severy single high spot...