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1099 b

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Attention: Copy A of this form is provided for informational purposes only. Copy A appears in red, similar to the official IRS form. The official printed version of Copy A of this IRS form is scannable,
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Who needs 1099-B Form?

1099-B is the U.S. Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service Form also known as the Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions Form. The IRS requires broker or barter exchanges to file this form regarding each individual:

  • For whom they sold stocks, bonds, options mutual funds, and securities;

  • Who earned money, stocks, or equivalent property from a corporation that has had its stock acquired in an acquisition of control or had a substantial change in capital structure;

  • Used the barter exchange's services to exchange property.

What is the purpose of 1099-B Form?

The taxpayer will need the data provided by the broker on form 1099-B to properly fill out another IRS form 1040, Schedule D.

Is the IRS 1009-B form accompanied by any other forms?

So far as the Form 1099-B consists of several almost identical copies, there is a helpful and detailed instructions each page that must be filed:

  • Copy A must be submitted along with the filled out form 1096;

  • Copy 2 must be filed together with the recipient’s state income tax return.

  • As for the rest of the form’s pages, there is no need to accompany them by any other documents.

When is the form 1099-B due?

Similar to the required attachments, the due dates of all the copies vary depending upon their recipients. Yet there are thorough instructions as to when each copy should be filed:

  • Hard Copy A is supposed to be directed to the IRS before 28th February. If the payer files taxes electronically, then the deadline for the Copy A submission is March, 31.

  • Copy B of IRS form 1099-B must be directed to the recipient prior to February, 15.

  • Other copies must be submitted when required.

Where to submit the completed 1099-B Form?

The recipient of each copy of the Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions Form is clearly indicated on each form’s page in the right box.

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Instructions and Help about 1099 form independent contractor
what some tax savers lets break down one of the tax forms that you get at tax time today and well do kind of a series of these to kind of help you help explain what tax forms mean and hopefully help you understand them better so the one were talking about today is a 1099 B and that specifically reports your stock sales if you sell stocks so if you buy stocks you dont get anything its when you actually sell them and transact and realize those gains and so when you get the 1099 B what happens is your brokerage that youre using is tracking whats called your basis which means what you paid for the stock and then it tracks what you sell that stock for and then kind of sums those all up with everything you sold throughout the year and puts them all on the ten minute NBD and sends it to you at tax time and so what that allows us to do on the tax preparation side is easily track what you bought and sold stocks for to track your gains because when you sell stocks you you dont pay tax on the full amount that you sell it for you pay tax on the amount you sell it for - what you purchased it for and so we take all of those purchases and then all of the sales prices and net them out on the short term and then on the long term so short term is anything under a year long term is anything over a year and then you know you then we run our calculations on the tax you owe on that based on those forms but if you sold stocks during the year you should get a 1099 B if you dont contact your broker because you might need to download it online instead of getting in the mail and if they dont have one for you then make sure you go back and look up what you actually what you actually bought those stocks for but the ten minute NBD is a really good way to track what you bought and sold everything for so that at tax time it makes it easier for you and us so thats what the 1099 B is well see you next time Music
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