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if you are watching this video you are probably wondering what is a citation style is and how to use it AAS a stands for the American Sociological Association an AAS a style is used by sociologists to properly reference inside their papers articles books or any other published material in this brief guide to a essay style I will go over page formatting in-text citation and reference list formatting for essays written in a essay style the text should be double-spaced 12-point font and a common font such as Times New Roman should be used margins should be at least one and 14 inch however it is most common to have one inch the first page of text should be headed with the title of the paper and a separate title page is also common for a essay style but be sure to pay attention to directions given for a specific assignment some assignments do require a title page separate from the first page or they may vary from a essay format in various ways for example for professor Wallace's Presley's assignment he does not require a title page but does require the name assignment and day in the top left-hand corner he also requires page numbers on every page and one-inch margins on all sides for in-text citations where you are not quoting directly but are talking about an author or their ideas you should include the author or author's last name and the year of publication of the document you are citing if the author's last name is used within the sentence then the year should appear in parentheses following the author's last name if the author's last name is not used in the sentence both the name and the year should follow the sentence in parentheses before the period finally if the article you are citing has more than one author be sure to include last names of all authors and the year only use page numbers in your citation when directly quoting from an article or book page numbers come after the year following a colon with no space between the colon and the page number if the author's name is mentioned in the text then the year and page number should follow immediately after in parentheses if the author's name is not included within the sentence than the last name year and page number should come at the end of the sentence before the period it's important to note that with a essay style the page number is never alone in the parentheses you must always have at least a year of publication if not the author's name if you are citing a website simply write the name of the website and day in parentheses at the end of the sentence before the period if a day is not available simply write n dot d ducked class notes taken by you while listening to the professor are considered personal communication because they are not published anywhere for others to find them therefore you simply write the professor's first initials last name the words personal communication and the day including year if you are getting notes from Lotte...