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- 9. in the Who May File Form I-765 section of the Form I-765 Instructions for information about providing court dispositions. NOTE Read the Penalties section of the Form I-765 Instructions before completing this section. You must file Form I-765 while in the United States. Additional Information. 18. a. Country Married Divorced Widowed Have you previously filed Form I-765 13. Refer to Replacement for Card Error in the What is the Filing Fee section of the Form I-765 Instructions for further...
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representative must sign under penalty of perjury.Name of applicant (not spouse; legal guardian only), address, date of birth, country of birth, residence place and occupation and if you have children under age 20, additional information.Note:You must apply to obtain an Application for Employment Authorization (I-766). If you do not have a current I-766, or if you currently reside outside the United States, and cannot obtain a current I-766, or are not eligible for a Social Security number, your application may be delayed by up to 30 days (and in the case of a student, the I-787), due to the need for documents to establish identity and U.S. residence. If you do not apply for I-767 to begin your employment authorization before your documents meet this requirement, your authorization application will not be granted until the required documents are received and considered. USCIS will not make a final decision on USCIS's recommendation that an employer permit or EAD be authorized until all necessary documentation has been received. USCIS will not approve a permit unless you submit a valid Form I-766, the completed Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766-EAD), and the application fee. You must present the applicable documents when submitting these documents. If you do not submit all required documents with your application, USCIS will not make a final decision on your approval of the employment authorization request you submitted. The Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766-EAD) must be submitted with the Employment Authorization Document Card. Only one Form I-765 card per worker per employment relationship is allowed. You may NOT submit additional Forms I-766 until you receive approval. There is no charge to send documents to USCIS. However, the processing of documents received by USCIS does not begin unless and until all required documents are received. A receipt for your submission fee must be included with all documents.  If the following documents are not sent via U.S. Mail , they will not be processed (e.g., any document sent by fax, email, mail for any other purpose, or in any other format that does not have an Electronic Filing (EFS) number; or any document with an electronic bar code) Your full legal name, address, date of birth, country of birth, residence place (not the principal place of residence for purposes
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Instructions and Help about form i 765
hello and welcome to the application for employment authorization form i-765 tutorial what is the purpose for the application for employment authorization this form is to help and allow you to gain employment authorization before receiving your two-year green card from the USCIS in the adjustment of status packet this form is not mandatory but you may want to submit the application for employment authorization so you can work earlier this form is very simple and shouldnt take you guys too long now lets get started first off lets open the uscisgov web site and then in the search bar type in i-765 ok and lets click that and then click the form i-765 PDF all right and lets open it up and make this one ready for us to fill out ok now part one reason for applying we click 120 initial permission to accept employment that is our case so we choose that one and then part two your full legal name so I write my married name in there other names used just type in your maiden name youre a female ok then if you have a nickname your legal nicknames that you used you can always put that in there but in my case I put my maiden name all right lets go down to part two information about you you your us mailing address in care name we used my husbands father so because were using their mailing address alright were using their mailing address just because we usually leave in an apartment and we dont want USCIS to send their letters to our apartment address so thats why were using my father-in-laws address all right is your current mailing address the same as your physical address and we said no thats why we have to fill out this little section right there okay but if your mailing address and physical address are just the same you guys do not have to fill out this section right here all right lets type in apartment building and in the city okay and then state in zip code other information on number eight just type in your alien registration number okay and then number nine we just leave it blank because we dont have USCIS online account gender female in my case and then 11 martyrs I am married so married in there have you previously filed form i-765 no and then 138 do you have social security number yes we do have social security number because we said yes then you have to provide your social security number in that little section in there in number 14 do you want the Social Security Administration to issue you a Social Security card no we dont want them to give a social security card because we already have social security number I already have social security number we leave that blank from 15 to 17 B because that doesnt apply to us okay and then your country of citizenship Philippines are number 18 point a all right now to part to information about your continued place of birth so just type in your city and then your province and of course your country in my case Philippines date of birth all right information about your last arrival in the United States so just...
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