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i 485

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NOTE Read the Penalties section of the Form I-485 Instructions before completing this part. You must file Form I-485 while in the United States. Fill out the rest of this application and Supplement A to Form I-485 Adjustment of Status Under Section 245 i Supplement A. Accommodations for Individuals With Disabilities and/or Impairments NOTE Read the information in the Form I-485 Instructions before completing this part. For detailed filing instructions read the Form I-485 Instructions...
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. 1.3. Persons Applying 1.3.1. Eligibility Foreign nationals for whom DHS has determined that the application is being filed for other than a valid business or other employment purpose may file for adjustment of status with USCIS, in the person's own name, if they have a valid visa and a valid Form I-94A valid in the jurisdiction where the person lives. Application: To adjust to the status of a lawful permanent resident under section 212(f), a foreign national who has resided in [insert the country of immigration], and who demonstrates that: (a) The foreign national has resided continuously in the [insert the country of immigration] for at least 5 years after reaching the age of 16 years; (b) The foreign national meets all admissions and ineligibility criteria for such status; (c) The foreign national has maintained continuous lawful presence in [insert the country of immigration] for an aggregate of at least 12 years after the date upon which it will cease to exist; (d) The foreign national has at least a high school diploma or is an apprentice who has passed an examination designed to test the student's ability to read and communicate in English and who has passed such examination for the class for which the student is enrolled or was the class for which he was enrolled on the date upon which he began his academic studies at [insert the institution of higher education (college] where the student is enrolled or is enrolled on the date he began his undergraduate studies at [insert the institution of higher education (college) where he is enrolled]; (e) The foreign national's parents have been lawfully admitted as refugees to the United States for a period of at least [insert 5] years, or (f) The foreign national's parents have a valid immigrant visa and are lawfully admitted to the United States for a period of at least 6 months, but no more than [insert the number of months the total period of immigration is anticipated to be, divided by 3.14 and multiplied by] 20 consecutive months. To be eligible for adjustment to the status of an approved I-94 nonimmigrant, the foreign national must: (a) Be physically present in the [insert the country of immigration] as of [insert date of arrival or entry], except for travel to or from an authorized activity, and (b) Be in lawful nonimmigrant status for a period of at least [insert 5] years after the date on which the

What is Form I-485?

Form I-485 is known as the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. If you belong to an immigrant category (principal applicant) or are a principal applicant family member who is known as a derivative applicant, you may apply this form. A principal applicant may be a beneficiary of the immigrant petition. A derivative applicant is the person who has any relationship to the principal applicant.

What is Form I-485 for?

This form must be used by the individuals living in the United States if they want to apply for an official lawful status of a permanent resident.

When is Form I-485 Due?

Being an immigrant visa beneficiary, you must file this form only after the USCIS approves your petition and you get your immigrant visa number.

Is Form I-485 Accompanied by Other Forms?

To have more chances for your visa petition approval you need to file such forms as I-130, I-360 and I-140. Attach them to your completed I-485 when sending to whom it may concern.

What Information do I Include in Form I-485?

There are three parts in the form. Part 1 is devoted to the information about the applicant. You must indicate here the full name (family, middle and given), address, country and date of birth, country of nationality and citizenship, social security number, date of last arrival, current USCIS status and the date of expiration. Part 2 is called the Application Type. Here you have to choose the type from the offered list. The third part is devoted to the processing information. Provide your mother and father names, current occupation, full address, nonimmigration visa number, place of last entry in the United States, date visa was issued, consulate where it was issued, marital status. There is a special chart where you need to indicate all your children and a spouse and provide the basic information about them.

Where do I Send Form I-485?

File this form with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 485
Instructions and Help about form i 485
Music hi I'm Matt and we're here at simplecitizen headquarters and I'm gonna helpyou fill out your form i-485 it's prettycomplex so we've created this guide towalk you through the whole process youcan fill out the form i-485 one of threeways first you can download the PDF fromthe USCIS gov website and fill it out onyour computersecond you can print out the PDF andfill it out by hand if you choose to dothis make sure it's legible and makesure to use black ink and third you canuse simple citizen comm with ourself-service software you can create anaccount answer a few simple questionsand be done in about 20 minutespart one question 1a through 1c thissection is just asking for your legalname make sure you include your currentfull legal name if you have two lastnames you should include both of those2a through 4c this section is asking forany other names that you've used in yourlifethis could include your maiden name aname with a previous spouse a familyname at birth any nicknames or anyaliases or assumed names question 5 thisis just your date of birthquestion 6 here is where you choose yoursex question 7 this is your city or townof birth and no need to include youraddress next page question 8 this isyour country birth question 9 this isyour country of citizenship ornationality question 10 this is youralien registration number if you haveone and if you do you can find it onyour work authorization card also knownas the EAD card question 11 this is yourUSCIS online registration number ifyou've created an account on USCIS govyou'll have this number question 12 thisis your US social security number if youhave 113 a through 13 II this is yourcurrent u.s. mailing address if someoneelse is receiving your mail for you besure to include their name in question13 a questions 14 a through 14 ethis section is for a safe addressbasically you'll use this section if youdon't want the USCISto send notices to your home it's mostlyfor immigrants applying under violenceagainst women's act special immigrantjuvenile human trafficking victim or avictim of a qualifying crime questions15 through 19 you'll answer thesequestions if you came into the US withpassport or a travel document question15 this is just your passport numberquestion 16 if you used a traveldocument other than a passport includeits number here question 17 this iswhere you'll put your expiration datebefore your passport or your traveldocument question 18 here is whereyou'll put the country that last issuedyour passport or your travel documentquestion 19 if you have a non-immigrantvisa number from your passport thenyou'll put it right herequestions 20 a through 20 B this is thecity or town where you last came intothe US if you flew into the country itwill be the city with the airport whereyou went through US Customs and BorderProtection question 21 this is just thedate when...
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