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Today's video: IRA Tax Documents Form 5498 I'm gonna talk about the exciting subject of 5498s. And there's been some changes in 5498s, that were proposed back in 2013, finally became law at the end of 2014. And what has happened is if you look at old 5498s, say, 2013 5498, it only has 14 lines that have to be filled out, for various things; basically the 5498 tells the IRS if you did a roll-over, it tells them how much your IRA is worth, it tells them if you had contributions to your IRA, during the year, tells them about RMDs, various things. You can look at the 5498, and see all the boxes that need to be filled out. But the change for 2014, which is optional this year, and then, so when you get your 2014 5498, in May of 2015, you will see two additional boxes that may or may not be filled out, if you have an account with Sunwest Trust, they will not be filled out, because it's optional this year. When you get your 5498 in 2016, or 2015, fiscal year 2015, box 15a and 15b, will be filled out, and what that does, is it adds two things: number one, is we have to tell the IRS, the fair market value of certain specific assets, so, what that's basically asking, is, there's a list, if you look at, if you were to go to the 5498 form, and then look at the directions for that form, there's a list, of the specific assets, and there are about seven of them, and it talks about stock, that are not readily trade-able, so, stock in private companies, short or long-term debt obligations, ownership interest in limited liability companies, real estate, ownership interest in a partnership trust, or similar entity, option contracts, or similar products, "g" is "other assets"; these are the codes you use, a through h; and h, is if there are more than two types. So, if you have a limited liability company, then we will put the value that you provide us, on December 31st, we'll put that value in box 15a, and then in box 15b, we will use code c, which is ownership of a limited liability company. So, now, if you own if that's all you have in your account, that's all will show, is code c. If you have a piece of real estate, in your IRA, and you also have an interest in a limited liability company, we would show in that box, a code c, and for real estate, code d. If you had more than two things, then we'll use code "h". Now, what does all this mean to you? I'm not exactly sure what it's going to mean, what it does, is it's giving the IRS an idea of what people have in their accounts, I think it's going to affect self-directed IRAs more than it affects the regular brokerage houses where people have stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, because those are readily marketable securities, investments, and they won't have to fill out line 15a and 15 b. So, a self-directed IRA like you have here at Sunwest Trust, we will use line 15a and 15b, and it gives the IRS an idea of what types of investments you have in your account, and...