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Via Christi Clinic P. A. 3311 E. Murdock Wichita KS 67208 For Medical Records Phone 316. 613. 4995 Fax 316. 613. 5371 For Radiology Phone 316. 689. 9157 Fax 316. 689. 9785 Authorization to Release Protected Health Information Patient Name DOB...
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My name is Racquel Sanchez. I am a pediatrician for Via Christi Health at Carriage Parkway. I ve been interested I would say since I was a little girl,I remember I used to tell my parents I want to be a pediatrician when I grow up. My aspiration for medicine actually came when one of my family members, a very close family member of mine, passed away at a very young age. Since then, it s just kind of guided me throughout my career.I realized my calling was in pediatrics. I enjoy working with children. I enjoy working with adolescents, and babies, and toddlers making a difference in their lives and promoting healthy living for them.So, working with children has its challenges. I think the biggest thing for me like when it comes to office visits, I definitely would want to make sure that my child feels verycomfortable so they will feel more engaged in the visit and actually be a little bit more open.I try to get the parents also involved as well. At least that way throughout the years that I see the patient, they re a little bit more comfortable. My biggest goal and my ultimate goal is to give the best possible care I can and that they walk out of the office not just a patient but the family as well that they feel like they are satisfied with their care, that they re happy, and the patient is happy as well. Communication is a very important thing when it comes to medical care. It s important that the patients, the family members, especially in pediatrics and the physician <i><b><u><font color #00000000></font></u></b></i>create a team to be able to find the best possible plan and management for a patient s <i><b><u><font color #00000000></font></u></b></i>care and making sure that they re growing and developing appropriately for their age. One thing I do like about being in primary care as a pediatrician is that it allows me to have that continuity of care. That way, the families themselves actually feel comfortable with seeing me. <i><b><u><font color #00000000></font></u></b></i>I really do love working with kids. One of the things that I love the most about children is that I feel some gratification and that positive impact when they could just tell me a story, and that just makes my day.