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Um I wouldn't necessarily give myself a title they're only like about three people working on a time and we all did the same duties except my father who owned the business he obviously did the ordering and whatnot but besides that it was always help the customers take them to where they want to go like if they asked for screws they can do this for a while and what screw they want if they needed feed we'd go and get it for them each bags 50 pounds we could load like 15 per customer sometimes it becomes very physical at times like especially when it's like noon 104 degrees out in Florida and then there's quikrete which goes 40 to 80 pounds so it's definitely physically demanding sometimes you have to have knowledge I obviously didn't know knew nothing before I worked there and now I know that instead of hiring a plumber and our electrician you can do it all yourself like since I worked there and I could do it myself like when I have my own house that's definitely gonna be a possibility in my case so it's just about customers come in they ask questions we take them where they need to go and if they have a question about what maybe we recommend and we always can guide them in the right direction as far as stainless spruce versus pressure-treated you know cheaper feed versus higher quality feed so that's a definitely and it's family owned most ace hardware's our family-owned they're not like corporate what I don't know what to call it but so it's like we know our customers very very well I see the same people every day come in there we have the same business people come in every day so it's very homely like like you walk in it's like your friends almost so it's I love that particularly my Ace Hardware we're very much like we're very laid-back that you turn an application there's there's no interview let's like it's either your hider you're not based on the application I don't know about that's I know sir and I stars where's do that in some don't just by far like I sense it's family-owned it's just like if you look like a hard worker and we know you from around the city or the town then you get hired if and if it's pretty much like if you do good the first two weeks then you stay if you don't you leave it simple we don't like beat around the bush it's like if you turn the application we might even hire you on the spot like it's a that's pretty much how it works like if you present yourself nicely if we don't contact you and like a day or two you probably did not get the job what know your stuff if you have background and plumbing electrician you already probably hired because that's you already know you can lead every customer in the right way if you've ever been a farmer or worked on a farm you can definitely like if this ace our ace has a feed store not every I don't think the one in Tampa does but just being knowledgeable about just how like house where the then there's like planting seeds like what seasons what kind of flared eliezer you need to...