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Cookies world cookie fans we are back playing some minecraft we are gonna be having some super duper fun here so we are going to go and check on our cutesy wutesy little animals today and well maybe we can actually start our own little animal zoo so fun okay so let's go check on our cute little sheepies planet oh cool okay we got our little goat in our little sheepies here but we need some elephants so okay is this little sheep be doing out of the gate can you little sheep eat another all gonna escape no no there we go okay hurry up we got again no no no no okay woo alright perfect now it's time to go and get some other animals oh we've got a tiger aha we found some elephants right here perfect well thanks careful poop I gotta be careful cuz there is a tiger right here but let's try to tame these elephants with some cake and I've got some cake for you here's take the cake this elephant takes the cake oh it does not take the game but a little sugar for the elephant and then take the sugar whoa I'm gonna get stepped on put the elephant ah well it's dancing oh maybe this elephant over here will oh there's a baby elephant a baby elephant do you want the yummy Cola in the cake the sugar lump okay so we better you will baby elephants okay we totally need to find an area for us to make a little cute little pin for a little elephant oh yeah we've got our pet so we got our pet elephant sugar cute oh oh I love you alright so we've got our cute little baby elephant so we are gonna make a pin I think this would be perfect to have a little area break here next to my home so let's just go ahead and just start building going to build every candy canes here this looks absolutely perfect time to go get our little elephant Oh sugar cute cheese bathing in the lemonade bath that's so cool okay so wind she's bigger we will be able to leave her and now we have a cute little area for her to be let's go get her some friends that we can lead into our little Corral area let's go see we've purses with a bear sound yeah there's a little bear cub next to the pony oh it's so cute little tiny bear cub we gotta like this chocolate coating right here come on boo there's a little chocolaty pony right there no brownie oh I hear you over here this one's pretty too zebra yeah baby Ava and father thank you what buttercream pony looks like butter creamy buttery mane and tail in that sugary body give me your little pony Wow come on buttercream come on Wow buttercream out we're all saddled up and ready to go here we go buttercream 0:02 cream okay we totally need to fill up this pin with more animals and of course our little adorable elephant when the elephant is big enough our little sugar Q and we'll have to get some more horses so don't miss that video cookie fans I hope you enjoyed the super fun video of finding cute little buttercream I will see you in my next video cookie fans with right on and stay sweet bye cookies good man you are at the end of the video in the comments can you...