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NC-TV Declaration format Ver.1-BPC/14 Format for Declaration (To be submitted by persons desirous of New LPG Connection or connection against Termination Voucher) Declaration I son/daughter/wife of
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, is not applicable *Tick which is not applicable or for which details are not available *I am required to complete the declaration on or before 1st March 2015 2. That I am entitled to LPG connection and I have completed the following (i) FEDERAL /State and City ID Number for obtaining connection and (ii) Proof of Registration of LPG Connection / Proof of Income / Income Tax Revenues/ Income Tax Returns from my Home State/Country for obtaining LPG connection 3. Which account has been opened for the purpose of obtaining LPG connection of my own/ spouse on the basis of above (Explanation : All accounts that are opened for the purpose of obtaining connections and any money/ amount of foreign currency/ banknote used for opening accounts is to be entered with "M" in blank and in parenthesis only) 4. When has LPG connection been obtained in my name? if you cannot provide the above it can be submitted by a person duly authorized/custodian under subsection (2) of clause 1) of CrPC and has fulfilled the other conditions specified in clause 1) of CrPC, for details of such person please contact the concerned DFS office for details 5. Which account has not been obtained in my name? if you cannot provide above it can be submitted by a person duly authorized/custodian under subsection (2) of clause 1) of CrPC (Explanation : All accounts were opened for the use of another person on who is using the account, such use can't be denied by the subscriber or user of such account) 6. Where had LPG connection already been obtained in any other name than my own/spouse's/relative's/companion's? If there is any change in the name mentioned above then the statement may refer to another name. Please contact the concerned office/ DFS for details to enable connection of such change to the new name. - *SCHEDULE (V) : - *SCHEDULE (VI): - - *SCHEDULE (VII):- - *SCHEDULE (VIII):- - *SCHEDULE (IX):- - *SCHEDULE (X):- - *SCHEDULE (XI):- - *SCHEDULE (XII):- - *SCHEDULE (XIII):- - *SCHEDULE (XIV):- - *SCHEDULE (XV):- -
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hi welcome to Mat tingly's TV everyone who arrives in the USA needs to fill out one of these forms okay now forms like this can be terrifying but don't worry they're actually really easy, and I'm going to teach you exactly how to fill it out right now okay let's say your name is Ravine Khan, and you're from Pakistan, and you're going to the US to visit some family or friend okay so here's our form family name con first name Robin if you have a middle name you could put it here let's just say your middle name is Sonia okay birthday May 24th 1989 number of family members traveling with you, we're just going to assume you're traveling alone okay, so we're going to put the zero now here it's asking for the address of where you're going to stay in the US right, so we're going to say one two three eight Ave Miami Florida okay now this is really important one time I was traveling to the US and I didn't know where I was going to stay my plan was just to go and find a hotel when I got there but when I got to the airport I gave this form to the officer, and he said you need an address, so I had to get out of the lineup look up a hotel somewhere and put the hotel's address here okay, so I want to save you some time it's important that you know the address of the place you're staying before you arrive in the US okay so let's look at the next one passport issued by Pakistan passport number here country of residence Pakistan countries visited on this trip prior to the US okay we're going to assume that Rubin is going directly from Pakistan to the US she's not visiting any other countries on her trip okay, so we just put nothing you make a little dash that means nothing okay next we have the flight number now your flight number will be on your boarding pass it will probably be two letters and few numbers so here we have LH 462 that's moved onto us like 462 direct from Frankfurt to Miami okay look at this we're almost done let's look at one more section here the primary purpose of this trip is business are you coming for business well Ravenna is just coming to visit her family and friends, so we're going to say no now here it's asking about food and dangerous items are you bringing food in probably not so no no no no no have you been around livestock means farm animals like cows sheep chickens horses have you been around any farm animals probably not, so no are you bringing any money in more than 10000 cash noes do you have any commercial merchandise means anything that you're going to sell, but we're not going to sell anything so no okay this area is talking about gift what is the value of the gifts you're bringing into the US okay here you see residents and visitors, so we don't need to do the residents, but we need to put something in the visitors spot if you're not bringing anything in then just write zero or put a little
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