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Has Prudential Denied you Long Term Disability Insurance Claim Hi I'm Marc Whitehead a Board Certified Insurance Lawyer The Prudential Insurance Company of America is a global company with over 135 years in the insurance business The Prudential Insurance Company is the Second largest provider of group life insurance in the US and a leading carrier of Short Term and Long Term Insurance Prudential's Long Term Disability coverage often takes over short term disability policies end Replacing part of the policy holders salary if they become disabled for a long period of time The employer may pay part of this group insurance policy or they may share the cost with the employee Because these are group policies Most lawsuits that are filed to appeal Prudential's Claims denials are filed Employee Retirement Insurance Security Act or better known as ERISA If the Companies unfairly rejected your claim or discontinued your benefits They are aware that if the court overturns their denial and makes them pay in most cases there's not punishment under ERISA statutes They would only have to pay what they would have owed you in the first place There have been many cases recently alleging Prudential's denial of disability benefits were unfair bias or unreasonable Some examples include a Policy holder that was approved by Prudential to receive Long Term disability payments but after 24 months Prudential reviewed the plaintiffs eligibility and determined that the plaintiff no longer satisfied the definition of disability of disability under the language However the plaintiff was deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration using the same medical records submitted to Prudential In another Lawsuit against Prudential for Long Term Disability Denials Prudential acted as both the payer of the insurance claim and and the claims administrator for the plan When Prudential denied the claim for Long Term Disability the plaintiff alleged that Prudential acted in a conflict of interest by the fiduciary the insurance provider and the claims administrator its critical to hire disability claims lawyer who has the resources experience to demonstrate to the court that you are in fact disabled under the terms of the policy If Prudential has wrongfully denied you of your disability payments Our Attorneys can help you fight back We're a National Disability Law Firm with significant experience representing Prudential Claim This Topic is discussed more in my free ebook Lon Term Disability insurance policies How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim Visit wwwdisabilitydenialscom for a free downloadable copy Or call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular disability insurance issue I'm Marc Whitehead thanks for watching