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POTLUCK SIGN UP SHEET Date: Location: Please write your name next to a number and indicate the item you will be bringing to the potluck. MAIN DISH 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. SIDE DISH/SALAD 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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When it's your turn to plan the partypotluck reunion or get-together don'tstress about food and drinksign up calm makes it easy this videowill help you organize your first eventto get started register for a freeaccount at signup calm then selectcreate new sign up from the dashboardselect your sign up type at single dayor multiple days and your category aspotluck or party then fill in yourdetails here and click Next click createnew spot to add your first item a spotcan be anything you might ask someone todo to attend or to bring in this exampleI would like 3 people to bring a largegreen salad at 5:00 p.m. I'll click addanother and ask for 4 people to bringdesserts continue adding items untileverything on your list is included ifitems require unique details add themindividually after you complete steps 2& 3 for this batch don't forget to addthings like paper products drinksice decorations and extra chairsremember to add to do spots for peopleto help set up and clean up to add thedate of your event in step 2 you caneven select multiple dates if it's arecurring eventstep 3 is for adding any extra detailsthat are common across the spots in thisbatch like where to park food labelinginstructions or a link to a map when youclick Save you will see the list view ofall the spots you just created you canalways add more spots or you can viewcopy delete or lock the day from thisscreen for each individual item you canmake changes give someone an assignmentor at a comment right here the next stepis to add a theme select an image fromthe list or download your own thenselect a background I chose this cutepicnic theme now is a good time topreview the sign up to see how it looksyour sign up is now planned back in theplanning wizard click Next to view yourinvitation options here you can invitefolks to sign up using a direct emailinvitation sending a shareable link inyour own messages social media links ora button on your website participantswill choose their spots with a fewclicks from any device no passwordrequired signup com will automaticallysend confirmation and reminder messagesto help folks remember what toringg once your sign up has been createdcome to your dashboards menu and clickmanage to make changes invite morepeople or see who is bringing what youcan also pass the baton to anotherorganizer duplicate or archive your signup here need extra planning power likeassistant organizers participantcheck-in or additional registrationfields if so our premium service is foryou review features and upgrade herewith sign up calm your event is sure tobe a success if you have questions letus know by clicking here and check outour idea center for fun free printablesand planning tips to help along the wayget started today at sign up calm theeasiest way to bring people together