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July 2002 MPTs and Point Sheets State v. Tweedy In re Al Merton GVP Non-Disclosure Agreement The National Conference of Bar Examiners inaugurated the Multistate Performance Test (MPT) in 1997. This
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing state v tweety mpt bar exam

Hello my name is Erica Lindsay and I'm a recent graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law I took the Illinois State Bar Exam in July 2013 and I'm here to help with the multi-state performance test I would like to share with you my experiences and give you helpful hints on how to pass the exam in preparation for taking an MPT I strongly suggest you read instructions for taking the test these are the printed instructions on the back of each NPT booklet which will be given to you the day of the exam if you read it ahead of time it will allow you to become familiar with the testing process so on the day of the exam it's more of a review versus new information to you I have provided a copy of the Illinois NPT with the instructions which will apply to all state administered NPT exams the MPC tech examinees on how to write a legal document the legal document could be a persuasive memo and objective memo an opinion letter letter so opposing counsel or any variation thereof the most popular or persuasive and objective memos and a persuasive memo you would create a document that will persuade the reader to adopt your position you will present the facts to where you should win the case an objective memo will consider both sides of the question you'll be asked to evaluate or to discuss or to analyze the case presented there's also a hybrid between the two which will ask you to write a persuasive memo it recognized the weaknesses in your argument that was the memo I had I had to write a persuasive memo but to recognize the weaknesses in my case which I had to clearly illustrate within the document the m15 is a total of 90 minutes I'm going to recommend that you divide the 90 minute test into two parts part 1 will be 45 minutes in part two will be 45 minutes in the first part I would like for you to read instructions create your memo templates review our materials and create your research grid that's not going to be a lot of time for you to accomplish all those goals but that's why the MPT is designed to manage your time and it tests how well you could produce a quality product for part one read the instructions now there's two sets of instructions you have the instructions of the actual text itself that is from my previous life instructions to the text read that over before you take the exam so the day of the exam you're just going to review it make sure it's the same as what you previously read the second set of instructions are the ones you now need to focus on which are within the task memo and I'll talk about that in a minute after the you read the instructions thoroughly create a memo template review all the materials both the fact file as well as the library and then create your research grade that is part one part two you're going to write your memo with your grant information which would be 40 minutes I have this broken down in a future slide to give you a better idea of time management after the 40 minutes you have five minutes to...