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Who Must File an Application for Temporary Resident Visa?

All temporary residents with a permit for working or studying in Canada must file this application. You may use this application if you are a foreign worker or a student. Individuals with a residential address in Canada may also use this form.

What is the Application for Temporary Resident Visa for?

All applicants must file this application if they need to renew their status of temporary resident in Canada. If you want to return to this country, you must submit this application before you leave it. If you are going to visit Canada as a part of your family, you still must file a separate application for temporary resident visa.

When is the Application for Temporary Resident Visa Due?

You have to submit a new form when your current one gets expired. However, it is recommended to file the form at least two months before you are going to leave the country. This form may be delayed, if it is not completed properly.

Is the Application Accompanied by Other Forms?

You must prepare two envelopes. Buy them at any Canada Post retail outlet. Attach the check confirming you have paid for the consideration of the application. You must send your passport along with the application.

What Information do I Include in the Application for Temporary Resident Visa?

First of all you choose if to complete in English or in French. Then mark the type of visa you need: transit, multi-entry or single-entry. After that you must provide your personal information: name, relationship, sex, date and place of birth, citizenship, passport number, passport expiry date, marital status, current mailing address and residential address, telephone number. You must indicate the purpose of visit to Canada (business, tourism or other) and the funds available for this visit. Inform for how long you are going to stay there.

Where do I Send the Application for Temporary Resident Visa?

If you filled out the application and prepared all attachments, send it to the Ottawa Office (Case Processing Center).

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing imm 5257 form 2020 download pdf
Instructions and Help about imm 5257 form 2020 download
hello friends welcome back for another video I hope all of you are doing good in this video I'm going to show you how to fill from IMM 5 - 5 7 this form is required when you are applying for Canadian visitor visa so let's start friends with the first field first thing they are asking you to mention UCI number it's called unique plant identification number this number if you have applied in the past and for example if you have if you have applied for visitor visa or study study permit or work permit and CSE has approved your file then they might have give you give you one you see a number and you just need to mention that you see a number in this field if this is the first time you are applying for any Canada Canadian visitor with any Canadian immigration file just keep it blank because you might not you should not have any you see a number next is I want service in its English or French you can select English or French and visa required it should be visitor visa or in transit if you are applying for multiple multiple or single entry visa please select visitor visa if you know if you are going to travel through Canada and any of you have layover time in nu in any of Kennedy Airport that you know it's around 48 hours then you might you need in transit visa and if you are applying for in transit visa then please select in transit this next section is your personal details CAS is asking you to your fill your personal personal information so first question is your family name please write your family name or surname as per your passport then please write your given name as per your passport second question is have you ever used any other name in this scale this kind of the the question is for the skin area when you know a person has any other name other than the passport for example you know some some people they have a different name in their school documents or you know in marriage certificate so if you have this kind of case please write your author name or second name in this field same you know family name and even beam next is your gender please select your gender then date of birth place of birth and country of birth and Cillian if you are you know Indian citizen please write Indians Indian if you is engine please write your you know state agency here then next question is current country of residence so you know if you are silicon of UAE and you live in India then just write here and if you leave any other country then your C C D and C Regency then you need to mention you know what is your current status in the other country so you they have given you observed please select your appropriate option from this list to make it easy I am just going to mention UAE and citizen so we don't have to fill any other information next question is country where you are applying their own cxe has mentioned same as current country of residence please select yes or no and proceed further next question is about your marital status if you are...