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Form 433-B Collection Information Statement for Businesses Rev. December 2012 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Note Complete all entry spaces with the current data available or N/A not applicable. Signature Date Print Name of Officer Partner or LLC Member After we review the completed Form 433-B you may be asked to provide verification for the assets encumbrances income and expenses reported. Documentation may include previously filed income tax returns profit and loss...
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Who needs IRS form 433-B?

To start with, there are series of forms 433 used by the taxpayers of different groups. In this article we will be reviewing form 433 -B designed for businesses.

What is IRS form 433-B for?

Form 433-B is used to report about specific financial situation that doesn't allow business to pay tax when it is due. Otherwise, called Collection Information Statement for Businesses, form 433-B reports about hardships that prevent a business from paying taxes timely or serves as a request to fill out offer in compromise.

Consequently, the form allows business to provide reasoning for not paying taxes on time and allows IRS to define business liability to pay taxes in full.

Is IRS form 433-B accompanied by other forms?

Form 433-B requires some attachments. These are copies of the documents that for a 3-month period. The required attachments are as follows:

  • bank statements alongside investment account statements

  • monthly payments, copies of UCC financing statements and depreciation schedules

  • monthly statements for rent, utilities, insurance premiums, telephones, property taxes, and court-ordered payments

  • credit card statements, profit and loss statements

  • copies of the last income tax return

Besides these copies there may be some specific documents required by the IRS.

When is IRS form 433-B due?

Form 433-B is due when it is needed.

How do I fill out IRS form 433-B?

Form 433-B is divided into section. Each section accounts for specific kind of information:

  • Business information

  • Staff and contacts

  • Financial information

  • Liability information

  • Income and expenses information

Where do I send IRS form 433-B?

Once you've filled out form 433-B send to the Department of the Treasury Revenue Service.

Hello my name is Amanda Kendall with true result tax professionals LLC today I'm coming to you to show you how to fill out a form for 33b which is a collection information statement for businesses this form is going to be used for any business entity not a sole proprietorship that owes the IRS on back taxes whether that is for income taxes or any type of payroll taxes this will be used regardless of whether you are assigned to a revenue officer or if you are with the main collections department section one is going to be your business information that's pretty self-explanatory you're going to put in your business name in the address and put in your phone number of the type of business and the website over in section two you're going to put in your employer identification number and then the type of entity that you are if you're not sure if you can look at your tax return and usually figure this out based on the type of tax return that you file and then the date that you were incorporated or established this can be found by going to the secretary say if you're...
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