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Your responses to this form may be compared with your responses to previous SF-86 questionnaires. The investigation conducted on the basis of information provided on this form may be selected for studies and analyses in support of evaluating and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the investigative and adjudicative methodologies. Government only for the purposes provided in this Standard Form 86 and that it may be disclosed by the Government only as authorized by law. I understand...
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Who needs an SF-86 Form?

A Questionnaire for National Security Positions, labeled Form SF-86, must be completed by individuals performing national security duties or candidates who were offered positions at the US Government agencies or departments.

What is the SF-86 Form for?

The Office of Personnel Management or other federal agencies use this form to initiate the background investigation required to determine a candidate’s suitability for a national security position. We can say that this is a questionnaire for national security positions. Regarding the information provided on the completed form, the issuing office will make a conclusion about the candidate’s reliability, trustworthiness, good conduct, personal qualities and loyalty to the United States.

Is the SF-86 Form accompanied by other forms?

There isn’t a strict requirement to attach any documentation to the completed form SF-86 unless particularly being asked to do so. However, filing the SF-86 is only the initial stage of the background investigation.

For the interview, the applicant may be asked to bring documents verifying their identity, and not only them. Certain evidence of what has been indicated on the form might be required too. Such proof can be alien registration, delinquent loans or taxes, bankruptcy, liens, various financial obligations, child custody or support agreements, arrests, convictions, probation, etc.

When is the SF-86 Form due?

As a rule, as soon as the candidate is offered a position, they will be required to submit the SF-86 Form.

How do I fill out the SF-86 Form fillable?

It is crucial that the application should be filled out according to the very precise and demanding instructions identified at the beginning of the form. For instance, all fields must be completed, even if no response is applicable, the “not applicable” box should be checked; or, the names of cities or foreign countries mustn’t be abbreviated.

As for the contents of the form, it has 29 sections, in short they ask about the following:

  • Basic personal details, contacts and identifying information

  • Passport and citizenship information

  • Residence history

  • Education

  • Employment activities

  • Military history

  • Marital status and relatives

  • Foreign activities and contacts

  • Health condition

  • Police record

  • Illegal use of drugs and use of alcohol

  • Investigation and clearance record

  • Financial record

Where do I send the SF-86 Form?

The duly completed form is expected the office, which provided the form to the candidate.


This is Justin Carmack co-founder of Dhaka security your partner and national security clearance today we're here discussed the sf-86 questionnaire for national security positions this form is used by federal investigative agencies to conduct background investigations for civilian employees military personnel and government contractors these investigations are ultimately adjudicated for national security clearances and order fitness determinations most of you will be using to equip which is the Office of Personnel Management or OPM's online system used for gathering data found on the sf-86 however we encourage all of our clients to complete the paper version of the sf-86 prior to logging into the equip system if this information is readily available it makes completing the online questionnaire much easier in addition if you check yes to sections in the form you'll be prompted to provide additional information it is important that all information entered into the form the accurate concurred lists of how many additional questions or additional information you are required to provide there to provide accurate information can lead to a statement of reasons to deny your eligibility to occupy a sensitive position and/or access classified information in addition data entered into this form is bounced against the optional form 306 or the Oh F 306 and your resume to ensure consistency among the forms that you were to disclose accurate information on these forms could lead to an unfavorable suitability determination or an objection or pass over for the position if you have questions regarding these topics or unique situation please visit our website or contact our office or advise the first four sections of this form seem very basic which should not be taken for granted in Section one enter your last name first name middle initial and suffix this should be your legal name for Section two and on your birthday when completing to equip this information should already be entered into the system by the personnel security specialists that handled your case however this information is sometimes entered incorrectly it is important that you double-check the data to ensure it is correct section three is important and will be used throughout your entire the federal government your birthday is logged into several databases including pas scattered castles in CVS oftentimes this information will be found on request for adjudication which are submitted by the hiring agency they may also be used during visit requests when you visit other agencies or other facilities section 4 is arguably the most important section of the form currently the federal government is trying to reduce the use of Social Security numbers in their databases and in correspondence the Department of Defense has gone to the extent of assigning identification numbers to anyone issued a common access card or a cap cut of what's referred to as a CAC card however for the purposes of investigations and for...
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