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If you are unsure of the county, contact any local law enforcement agency for ... involved in the accident, complete the attached Supplemental Report (Form 735- 32B), or on ... DMV will verify this
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Who needs Form 735-32?

Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report, labeled Form 735-32, is mandatory to submit by a driver involved in the traffic collision on a highway or premises open to the public. The circumstances under which the form must be filled out are as follows:

  • damage to the applicant’s vehicle is $1,500 or more;
  • damage to any person’s property is over $1,500;
  • the accident resulted in over $1,500 damage to any vehicle, and it had to be towed from the scene
  • injury (even minor)
  • death

What is Form 735-32 for?

Form 735-32 is designed to provide detailed and comprehensive information on the circumstances, the driver(s) and vehicle(s), weather conditions, etc., so that the accident can be posted to the driving record of those drivers required to report, unless the vehicle is parked.

Is Form 735-32 accompanied by other forms?

As a rule, the report is not accompanied by any other forms. However, if more than two drivers were involved in a crash, it is necessary to attach Form 735-32B, Supplemental Report. And according to one more legal provision, a commercial motor vehicle operator that was a party in the accident resulting in an injury, fatality, or when a vehicle is towed from the scene must also submit Form 735-9229, Motor Carrier Crash Report.

When is Form 735-32 due?

Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report must be submitted within the first 72 hours after the accident. If the party involved in a collision does not have a possibility to file the report, they still must submit it as soon as possible.

How do I fill out Form 735-32?

The completed form must provide comprehensive information on such blocks:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Driver’s license number and personal information
  • Details of the crash (intentions, conditions, type of the vehicle)
  • Passengers/pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Description of the accident

Where do I send Form 735-32?

The completed report must be filed with the local DMV office. If printed, it can be mailed to:

Accident Reporting Unit


1905 Lana Ave NE

Salem OR 97314.

It is worth mentioning that the DMV does not return a copy of the form 735-32, that’s why it is advisable that the applicant should keep a copy of the report for their records.

Hello this is Doug Isaacson with farmers insurance and today I'd like to talk to you about accident reports in the state of Oregon now this is different from the state of Washington so keep this in mind in looking at the accident report for Oregon it says damage to any one person's property over fifteen hundred dollars it also says that you need to file within 72 hours the 72 hour rule does not have any consequences the $1,500 rule has to be proved with the DMV the DMV will automatically assume every accidents over fifteen hundred dollars and you have to prove to the DMV that's not true and that involves this a lot of people do not enjoy this experience so you usually just end up filling one out now how is an accident report required as far as i know it's only required one way that is somebody fills out this report they fill out all this highlighted information so they get credit for doing it but then they go the extra mile and fill out this area right here which is the other party they would put your information here a month later you would get a letter in the mail stating you're in an accident you need to respond to that letter by filling out your own acts report you need to be very careful in filling your report out by making sure you get the accident date correct you want to make sure it matches up with the letter that you received you want to get this other information correct as well and also your insurance information this will generate an audit everybody is audited when fill out an accident report doesn't matter whose fault it is if you fail the audit you get your driver's license suspended if you get a letter in the mail and fail the fill one of these out you get your driver's license suspended now let's talk about the audit they only audit for the date of the accident there is another type of audit that's taken place it's called a random audit just randomly get a letter in the mail from the DMV and they want to make sure you have insurance on its particular vehicle on that particular type of audit you can put other and right in the words parked and private property not insured at this time and you automatically bypass the audit obviously for an accident situation you would have to go to the DMV and prove that your car was parked on private property for the accident in that you were just a victim let's take this case study this accident is obviously over fifteen hundred dollars you know that the tree is not going to file an accident report thus a requirement is not going to be generated by the DMV and you will not get a letter for this accident so in summary I hope that this information helps with your accident experience if you have any further questions feel free to give me a call 503 324 2277 thanks and have a great day
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