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Cat. No. 11327A Form 1040A 2013 Page 2 Tax credits 22 Enter the amount from line 21 adjusted gross income. Form 1040A Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service U*S* Individual Income Tax Return 99 IRS Use Only Do not write or staple in this space. Your first name and initial Last name OMB No* 1545-0074 Your social security number If a joint return spouse s first name and initial Spouse s social security number Home address number and street. If you have a P. O. box see instructions....
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Who needs an IRS 1040A Form?

Form 1040A is US Internal Revenue Service tax form that should be used for the taxpayer for filing their individual tax return report used. It is a short form as it is a cut-down version up the long 1040. The IRS Form 1040A can be used by individuals whose annual income does not exceed $100,000, and who do not itemize their deductions. The full list of requirements to be liable for filling out this version of should be checked out at the IRS website.

What is Form 1040A for?

The completed Form 1040A serves an individual tax return report, which is necessary to make sure that a person reported the annual income properly and paid the due amount of taxes or the government owes a refund to the filer.

Is Form 1040A accompanied by other forms?

The forms that are expected as an attachment are indicated in the body of the form (1099 and W-2). And most often, the 1040A should be supported by Schedule B (interest and dividends), Schedule R (credit for the elderly and disabled), EIC (earned income credit), and 8812 (child tax credit). The necessity to provide any other supporting documents is described in the corresponding instruction at the IRS website.

When is IRS 1040A Form due?

The federal income tax return report is always due by the Tax Day that usually falls on 15th April, that is the middle of the fourth month of the fiscal year. In 2016, the report is expected on the 18th April, because of the federal holiday.

How do I fill out IRS Form 1040A?

The filled out form is to indicate the following:

  • Personal information of the reporting taxpayer
  • Filing status
  • Exemptions Income and adjusted gross income
  • Tax, credits, and payments
  • Refund, etc.

Where do I send Form 1040A?

The form 1040A must be filed with the local IRS office; the exact address can be found in chart by the link.

Today for harbor financial online.com I'm going to be going through the 1040a which is a simplified tax return that you submit to the IRS it's like you're normal 1040 that you've always been used to submitting, but it's a shortened version and this is a return that you're going to file if you're in a lower income bracket it's much easier for them to fill out so what I'm going to do today is go through the different items that you have to enter in and whether you qualify for this one because again this form is very easy to use, and I recommend it to a lot of my clients who don't have a lot of deductions or different income sources as part of their tax amount so I want to walk through this with you guys let you know if you qualify for it, and it may be something you want to look into doing this year for filing a return it will speed up the process and eliminate you know the odds of having any mistakes on your return, so it's like it's a good it's a very good form not many people take advantage of it and I try to get more people to use this form if they qualify this is the actual 1040 a can see I'm gonna show you quickly the first and second page you can see how it does look like the normal 1040, but it is shortened up both of the pages it gets rid of all the extra stuff say if you're a high income earner that you would normally have it's its gonna get most of the people that just have one job not an outside business income you can still own a home and use this form you can still buy and sell stocks because you have to report that and put it onto this form again you can't have a sale of a house like a vacation house and be able to qualify for this you can't have a Schedule C business so from also lower income people you're not going to have either of those items you may sometimes, but normally this is the form you would want to use and most people out there don't know that as I start to go through each of these lines if you feel that you're ready to prepare your return online you can always use our site here Harbor financial online.com you can click through any of these links, and it will take your rate you can go right to the 1040 a and complete the return, so I'm gonna go back to the 1040 a walk through these lines with you tell you if you qualify or not and then again you can come back to the site at any point in time and prepare the return electronically, so we have the 1048 here I'm gonna go back up to the first page, and I'm gonna start from the beginning and kind of walk you through this form line seven just your wages again you can't own a separate business and still fill out this form, so it's if you just employed get a regular w-2 from an employer you don't put that again you can have taxable interest from a bank a savings account still file the form you can have dividends capital gains like I said purchase and sale of stocks IRA distributions y11 pension distributions unemployment amounts, so you can really see here you you have a lot of...
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