NW IR-6406 Washington DC 20224. Send the completed Form 211 to the above Ogden address of the Whistleblower Office. Identified in this information have no known relationship to the taxpayer s identified in a previously submitted Form 211 check the box for new submission. If you are providing additional information regarding the same or similar non-compliant activities identified in a previous submission and are identifying additional non-complaint activities by the same taxpayer s check the...
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What is IRS Form 211 for?

The given document is the Internal Revenue Service form officially called “Application for Award for Original Information”. The form should be filled out by individuals who possess information about other individuals’ failure to pay taxes due. The IRS demands that the information provided be credible and solid rather than a mere speculation. In case the given information has resulted in collection of taxes, penalties, interest or other amounts from the declining taxpayer, the whistleblower may be eligible for an award of up 30% of the due payment.

Who Needs Form 211?

Information from the completed document is to be inspected by the IRS officers and so that the proper amount of tax should be paid and the claimant will be given a corresponding award.

When is Form 211 due?

The form does not have a strict deadline, it is to be filed when the specific reason arises.

Is Form 211 Accompanied by any Other Documents?

Depending upon the answers the claimant provides on the completed form, certain attachments may be required: proof of the relationship between the claimant and the alleged non taxpayer, information about involvement in the legal proceedings, etc.  

How do I Fill out Form 211?

The completion of the form requires indicating the following details:

  • Information about the taxpayer who violated the taxpaying procedure (name, SSN, date of birth or age, address);
  • Date of violation;
  • Information about the IRS agent to whom the violation was first reported (if applicable);
  • Description of the violation;
  • The relationship between the claimant and the taxpayer;
  • The amount of tax owed and tax year;
  • Information about the claimant (name, date of birth, SSN, address, phone number)

Where do I Send the Filled out Form 211?

When completed, the form is to be sent to the Whistleblower Office (ICE) of the IRS at the following address:
1973 N. Rulon White Blvd.,
M/S 4110, Ogden,
UT 84404.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing irs form 211
Instructions and Help about form 211 fill

Going to all right guys sorry I don't know what happened I don't understand so we've stopped and where is stepping back into the second claim the whistleblower form I've got Rene and Lorraine up on the screen they're both on conference call they had some really fabulous information about that the first part of the show was about filing claims against the title insurance policy so now everybody has to figure out where to go find their title insurance policies and and and look at what it actually says and then develop some claims around what is covered now the here is the application for the whistleblower application and Lorraine can you just brief us on what you've done and then what you've offered to help us do okay I just found out that my mortgage assignment was fraudulently conveyed for years too late to even enter the trust legally I knew that the banks they were actually claiming tax exempt status because it was considered a remic a real estate investment conduit is what a limited and they basically would anyone pay their mortgage it goes to this trusstic it goes in tax-free he'll pay taxes but what if it didn't make it into the trust to begin with then they should have paid taxes because it never actually entered the truck the rough one actually I fell out before and the I supplied them with actual IRS to coat that they were in violation eyes and gave attached a copy of my assignment and they're investigating this if they find that what I'm accusing them of is correct then they will give me some kind of monetary award for doing so now is that monetary award based on what they they can collect do you have any idea I believe it is based on a percentage of whatever they can collect right so I'm looking here I'm showing on the screen item 14 which says state the facts pertinent to the alleged violation so that's where she included the assignment and and a citation of the IRS code correct correct because what I put there that was basically that my assignment of mortgage and I had a provider demikhov II was assigned october fourteenth of 2011 however the trust states that the cutoff date is august first 2007 right so for four years they were claiming tax free status when they should have paid taxes for the right because it wasn't in the trust during those four years right and so Lorraine's offered to dig up her copy of this form how she filled it out and send it to us so that we can follow the example thank you so much Lorraine and just imagine what if thousands of people were able to file these whistleblower claims that will get the IRS doing something and if they don't do anything that's news to this is this is great so you've gotten a number right Lorraine and you've did they do you have any idea what kind of time frame it will be for their investigation did they talk about that not exactly i can actually send you a copy of the letter I received from them and also send you when I sent to them so you'll have all of it oh that would be fabulous...

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