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Do not attach this form to your return. Information about Form 8822 is available at www.irs.gov/form8822. If foreign address also complete spaces below see Signature Daytime telephone number of person to contact optional Your signature Date If joint return spouse s signature For Privacy Act and Paperwork Reduction Act Notice see back of form. Sign Here Signature of representative executor administrator/if applicable Title Cat. No. 12081V Rev. 10-2015 Form 8822 Rev. 10-2015 Future...
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.) 2 Tax-exempt organizations 1 Other 3 Your state or territory 6 A U.S. territories 2 Social security numbers 3 Social security numbers of dependents 4 Date 4 Date of birth 5 Date of adoption 5 Number of dependents 5 Date of entry into your current home 7 Date of entry into your previous home 8 Date and place of entry 9 Date and place of sale 10 Your former residence (if it was your former residence) 11 Your former residence 12 Your old residence 13 Other (if you are using this information) Note: If you do not check all of the boxes, add the following, if applicable: I am filing a joint return I am divorcing my spouse or former spouse I am filing a separation agreement I am filing a trust case I am not filing any of these records Change of Name (For Individual, Gift, Estate, or Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Returns) The IRS can change your name on tax returns you prepare for your spouse or former spouse. You have to complete this form when you file your own returns. If you use Form 8852 (Change of Name by Court Order) to change your name, you have to do this form after all the other applicable forms in this section that relate to changing your name on your returns. Changes to the Filing Status of a Dependant Who Is Not Your Spouse or Former Spouse You may also be asked to change your filing status of a decedent relative you claim as a dependent. On Form 8814, you will have to fill out and sign the form (a change of status form) to add the new status of the dependent relative to the form. You have to give this form to your dependent if you have not already given this form to them. Complete this form (called a Change of Classification Form) when you file your own return. Add this section to Form 8814 to show how to add another tax return (e.g., Form 1040) to your report. You may use Form 8889, Change of Status of Dependant to report changes to the classification of all dependent records you do not already have on Form 1040. You can use Form 8889 to report changes in the status of any dependent (for example, your wife's Form 1040, you claim your son as an exemption, etc.). To see what to add to Form 8889, see Forms & Publications section of your Publication 519, Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax instructions. To report certain changes to your own status, you can

Who needs a Form 8822?

A taxpayer who has changed his or her home mailing address should use Form 8822.

What is Form 8822 for?

A taxpayer uses the Form with the purpose of notifying the Internal Revenue Service of a change of the taxpayer’s home mailing address. If the taxpayer’s children filed their income tax returns, and the change in question affects the mailing address of the children, the taxpayer should complete and file a separate Form 8822 for each child.

Is Form 8822 accompanied by other forms?

No other form is required when Form 8822 is submitted. However, if a representative signs it on behalf of the taxpayer, the representative must attach to it a copy of the power of attorney. To do this, the representative can use Form 2848.

When is Form 8822 due?

The use of Form 8822 is voluntary, so there is no deadline to meet. However, it is advisable to file the Form. If you fail to notify the Internal Revenue Service of your new mailing address, you may not receive an important notice from the agency, for instance, a demand for tax or a deficiency notice. You should remember that it may take up to six weeks to process a change of your home address.

How do I fill out Form 8822?

Page 2 of the Form contains instructions on how to fill and where to file it. Please read the instructions before you start filling the Form.

The change of your home mailing address may affect any of the following: (1) individual tax returns or (2) other tax returns such as Forms 706, 709, etc. You should check each box on lines 1 and 2 which corresponds to your circumstances.

Further, you should provide the following information: your name, your social security number, your spouse's name and social security number, your prior names, your spouse's prior names, your old address, spouse's previous address, and your new address.

Finally, you should sign and date the Form. In the case of a joint return, your spouse too should sign and date the document.

If you sign the form on behalf of the taxpayer, you should type in your title as well.

Where do I send Form 8822?

If the change of your address affects Forms 706, 709, etc., you will have to send Form 8822 to the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Center, Cincinnati, OH 45999-0023.

If the change of your home mailing address does not affect the above-mentioned returns, you will have to send Form 8822 to one of the six addresses specified in the table on page 2 of the Form. Find in the left column the state where was your old address, and you will see in the right column the address where you should send the Form.

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First comes love then comes marriage often followed by name change and a ton of complicated name change forms the IRS 88 22 is hands down the form that Miss no Mrs. customer support receives the most calls and emails about no newlywed wants to make a mistake involving their taxes and their new married name, but the form isn't exactly easy to understand no surprise there the title of the form is the first confusing factor it's labeled as a change of address form but if you read the fine print on the second page of the form it is also used to notify the IRS of your new married name why they cannot add name change to the title is beyond us and yes we've asked for the change so even if you are not changing your address as a newlywed you should file the IRS 8820 to form if you are changing your name there isn't a fee to file it, and it provides peace of mind that you have informed the IRS that you miss AXV are now Mrs. LyX, and they can send your tax returns to you at your new name the decedent question is another confusing part of the IRS 8820 to every newlywed wants to know what is the decedent well to be straightforward it's a dead person not something you really want to think about in your post wedding bubble, but a decedent is important to the IRS why if a dead person has left you money in your maiden name the IRS wants to keep tabs on that as your name changes the good news is that if you don't have a decedent in your life you can simply skip that question but is totally fine to feel bummed that you're not a trust-fund kid should you want access to name change experts who can answer any and all questions about the IRS ad 822 and other name change forms sign up for the miss no missus online name change service today.
What is irs form 8822?
Purpose of Form. You can use Form 8822 to notify the Internal Revenue Service if you changed your home mailing address. If this change also affects the mailing address for your children who filed income tax returns, complete and file a separate Form 8822 for each child.
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