Cat. No. 60703Q Form 1095-A 2015 Instructions for Recipient You received this Form 1095-A because you or a family member enrolled in health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Form 1095-A Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Part I Health Insurance Marketplace Statement Information VOID about Form 1095-A and its separate instructions is at www*irs*gov/form1095a* OMB No* 1545-2232 CORRECTED Recipient Information 1 Marketplace identifier 2...
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You're Covered! Showing it with Form 1095 A

IRS Form 1095 A - Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

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What is the purpose of the Form 1095-A?

For health insurance providers, the purpose of Form 1095-A is to report certain information to the IRS about individuals who enrolled in a qualified health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

For the taxpayer, the purpose of the Form 1095-A is to serve as proof of qualified health insurance coverage during the tax year through one of the Health Insurance Marketplace providers. For the taxpayer, the Form 1095-A is for informational purposes only. It does not have to be filed with your tax return. However, information from the Form 1095-A is needed to complete the Form 8962 (Premium tax Credit) if applicable.

Who needs the Form 1095-A?

Health insurance providers who provide health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace need Form 1095-A.

Taxpayers also need this form to serve as proof that they had healthcare coverage during the tax year. Information from the Form 1095-A is also needed to complete the Form 8962 (Premium Tax Credit), when applicable.

Is the Form 1095 A accompanied by any other forms?

For the health insurance provider, the answer is no.

For the taxpayer, if applicable, the Form 8962 (Premium Tax Credit) must also be completed. If any amount other than zero is shown in Part III of the Form 1095-A, Form 8962 must be filed.

When is the Form 1095-A due?

For the health insurance provider, the 1095 A Form is due to the IRS on or before January 31st. The health insurance provider must also furnish the statements to individuals on or before January 31st.

How is the Form 1095 A completed?

The Form 1095-A is completed by health insurance providers who offer coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. There are three sections to the form; Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Part I: Fill out Recipient Information including:

Box 1: Marketplace Identified Number

Box 2: Marketplace – Assigned Policy Number

Box 3: Policy Issuer’s Name

Box 4: Recipient’s Name

Box 5: Recipient’s Social Security Number

Box 6: Recipient’s Date of Birth

Box 7: Recipient’s Spouse Name

Box 8: Recipient’s Spouse Social Security Number

Box 9: Recipient’s Spouse Date of Birth

Box 10: Policy Start Date

Box 11: Policy Termination Date

Box 12: Street Address

Box 13: City or town

Box 14: State or province

Box 15: Country and zip or foreign postal code.

Part II: Provide information on the Covered Individuals

This section consists of 5 columns, columns A-E.

Column A: Name of covered individual

Column B: Social Security number of covered individual

Column C: Date of birth of covered individual

Column D: Coverage start date

Column E: Coverage termination date

Part III: This section deals with Coverage Information

In addition to the Month column, this section consists of 3 columns, columns A-C.

Column A: Monthly enrollment premiums.

Enter the total monthly enrollment premiums for the policy in which the covered individuals enrolled.

Column B: Monthly second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) premium.

Enter the premiums for the applicable second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) used as a benchmark to compute monthly advance credit payment.

Column C: Monthly advance payment of premium tax credit.

Enter the amount of advance credit payments for the month.

What is the mailing address for the Form 1095-A?

Health insurance providers must submit Form 1095 A to the IRS electronically  through the Department of Health and Human Services Data Services Hub. For taxpayers, the form should be kept for your own records.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1095 a 2015
Instructions and Help about irs form 1095 a 2015

What we're going to cover during this presentation is as follows first of all some very important definitions now if you folks may have taken part of this last year and some of this might be a reiteration if you're a new tax professional or you're new to our program these are still some important things that you need to know beyond that or to people that use our program in the past you'll just see some nice enhancements that we're going to talk about as well so but we start with important definitions and then what we want to talk about is what forms are related to the Affordable Care Act and what you're responsible for gathering from your taxpaying customers will talk about ACA exemptions and the important role that plays after that we'll talk about penalty for individuals and the penalties have increased this year over what they would have been paying last year so that's important to know I also want to spend just a little bit of time talking about the IRS and it's processing of ACA related information this is important to know because you may have taxpayers they'll ask you to do something and it's in your it's in your best interest and in fact in bed in their best interest to make sure you understand how does that the IRS processes ACA related information because you know what it's not in the best interest of the taxpayer to turn in a tax return that doesn't have certain information and then we'll finish with a recap also with some definitions and it all starts with what's known as the Affordable Care Act and the formal Care Act many times people refer to as Obamacare those types of things what it is this is actually a federal statute that was signed into law back in 2010 and as part of the health care reform agenda of the Obama administration what's interesting about it is this law or statute includes multiple provisions that will take effect over the matter of years and what these include are the following the expansion of Medicaid eligibility the health insurance being prohibited from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions and they a very important one that you folks are oftentimes involved with and that is the establishment health insurance exchanges or marketplaces and if people choose not to get their insurance through a market exchange or not have insurance what the ramifications of that are on top of that you need to understand what minimal essential coverage is and what that means is what is acceptable that's as healthier and health health care insurance is concerned what's considered to be acceptable well it includes coverage under an eligible employer sponsored plan which will be many times the case people will come and say that they're insured by their employer or it could be coverage under an employer sponsored retiree health plan it can also be coverage under certain government programs and of course you'll hear about this as being Medicare Medicaid those types of things then the all-important one coverage in an...

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