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USCIS Form I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services OMB No. 1615-0003 Expires 04/30/2018 Action Block Fee Stamp
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Hi everybody this is John phone via Simone the welcome back and thanks forwatching if it#39;s your first time on mychannel as always welcome today I have another video for you guys on today'video is how to fill up form I 539 whichis application for a stain or changenon-immigrant visa if you want to know how to fill it out stay tuned and I'lobe right backUSA moon last week on I did a video about the requirement to fill up form I539, and today I decided to show youexactly how to fill up the form I 539 soil you're ready let's go in front of my computer so I can show you exactly howto fill it up okay guys on how to fillip form I factory 9 which is applicationto extend or change non-immigrantstudies so the first thing you#39;re gonnado as always to go to usgs.gov websites you can go to this link right hereyou see a stack of /i 539 you see this page and from here click on form a formi 5 39 PDFs and then you will see thisform open so this is the actual former#39;re gonna we're gonna fill out okay sowed#39;re gonna studies form with part 1okay, so part 1 is information about youyou the person who is filing theform oh i 539 so over here 1 you put your alien number your a number so youput your yes yes number account number if you have one your last name here yourfirst name your middle name and then on for this is what you're gonna put yourmailing address so the address or you receive your where you receive your mailso you provide information about thereabout their the street suite number andname the apartment city state and they move to your physical address what youlive okay then you provide those information as well and then from thereor we here on six this is where you put your your country of birth your countryof citizenship or nationality your date of birth your social security number ifyou have one you provide a date oflast arriving to United States so the date you lies come to United States ofAmerica you put that date hereand then information about I 94 so and#39;ll fight basically the form you'll receive when you come to United Stateright and on the honor for that#39;s whatyou see your your visa extension I mean expiration date order your honor if ohso is you can if you nowyou don't receive your honor for like the actual hard copy of the honoree forno more you can retrieve online a happy video about that you can check it outhow to read through your I know for online through the CBP on website so andthen you 11 you put your passport number or if you have a travel documents orpassport you provide a travel document number here the country of issue if yourpassport is issued like in France is issued in France or Germany wherever youput the name here the same thing with your travel document and then youprovide the expiration date on the passport and or the travel document soon 12a that#39;s where you put your currentnon-immigrant status if you are student you gotta be like f1 so you check yournan in green star as you can...
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