USCIS Form I-134 Affidavit of Support Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services OMB No. 1615-0014 Expires 11/30/2018 START HERE - Type or print in black ink. Part 1. Information About You the Sponsor Sponsor s Physical Address Your Full Name 5. a* Street Number and Name 1. a* Family Name Last Name 1. b. Given Name First Name 5. b. 1. c* Middle Name 5. d. State Apt. Ste. Flr. 5. c* City or Town 5. f* Other Names Used List all other names you have ever used...
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Hi everybody sit down from your sidemore than welcome back and thanks forwatching if you should first time on mychannel as always welcome before I startto this video I'm going to thank all mysubscribers thank you thank you forsupport I do appreciate it today's videois going to be about how to flow from Iwon 34 which is application foraffidavit of support yes the additionalformal affidavit of support I did avideo about I RAC c4 which is also apre-application fact it is the supportbut this one is another affiliate ofsupport application which is called I134 if you want to know how to fill itup stay tuned and I'll be right back youwill see moon fill out the formI wanted 4 which is an affidavit ofsupport first a module as always is togo to 134 so once you on this page righthere click on forms and then choose fromI 134 ok so once your two I wanted foryou come to this page and you click onyou see this link right here from I 134PDF what so you're gonna click on soonce you click on that you will see thison this form right here so this is theform i-130 form so to start it oh we'regoing to start with quark one which isinformation about you the sponsor youtype in your full name which is yourlast name first name middle name andthen like on order name use if you useall different in them the wages are tapin they will provide those names as wellsponsors sponsors or mailing address soyou're going to provide if you are asponsor you're going to provide yourmailing address so you fill this partright here if your information yourmailing information andover here for our your mailing addressand physical address the same if yescheck yes if no check no so if no whichmeans you're going to provide yourphysical address also so I'm going toshow you that in a minutewe move to five so it is no they willprovide your physical address over herepull that information so on six what wegot here we got little birth the date ofbirth on tunnel city of birth on to yourbirth Oh a number if you have a numberyou provided a if you want socialsecurity number you provided it as wellthen you ACS online account number equalAlec over here so citizenship orresidency or studies so over here waythrough this eleven a I'm a US citizenthrough naturalization so if it's thecase which at this ball I'm a US citizenthrough parent or marriage if it's thecase which I guess was for here elevenbe then at one continue over hereoh you'll ever see so I derived my u.s.citizenship by another method they wantto provide a affirmation on in partseven I'm gonna power savings on bottomof this from right here this kind ofadditional on space you can programmodel information okay so you readthrough this if it's 11 D I'm a lawfulpermanent resident okay instead my anumber is the better so is Evan E ifthis is your case you check this righthere arm provide the name of your equalage...