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SAMPLE COVER LETTER TO ACCOMPANY AFFILIATION AGREEMENT Date: Affiliated Entity Name & Address RE: Agreement Dear : This confirms conversations between our faculty member, Dr. , and your representative,
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing covering letter for affiliation
Hello there my name is Richard McMunn fromthe Interview Training Company PassMyInterviewcom and in this tutorial I'm going to teach youhow to write a brilliant cover letter Now it does not matter which job you areapplying for I promise you by the time we get to the end of this tutorial you willknow how to write a brilliant cover letter that is guaranteed to get you an interview So please do stick around and watch it frombeginning to end Now before I get into the cover letter tipsand the cover letter example that I've got prepared for you a very warm welcome to thistutorial As I say my name is Richard McMunn That's me there in the center I'm a former fire officer and for the last20 years or so I've been helping people to pass interviews complete job applicationsand also to create brilliant cover letters that get them a job interview and beat thecompetition Please do SUBSCRIBE to my channel by clickingthe red button below the video and that way you won't miss out on any of the tutorialsthat I am uploading on pretty much a daily basis now And also I'd very much appreciate it if yougave the video a LIKE Thank you Thank you very much So let's get straight into the content soyou know how to create a brilliant cover letter First and foremost what is a cover letter What is the purpose of a cover letter Well a cover letter is designed to accompanyyour job application and it must sell your key skills the qualities you have and alsothe experiences you've gained so far to demonstrate you are the perfect candidate for the job So with the cover letter we want to makesure it shows the person reading it that you are the best candidate OK So we need to take a bit of time to createit for your particular job Now that does not mean it has to be long It does not have to be long in nature And it is really easy to create a brilliantcover letter But let me give you three top tips for creatingthe perfect cover letter before I give you my cover letter example Tip number one Keep it short Keep it concise and above everything elsemake sure it's positive in nature So it does not need to be lengthy Simply because the hiring manager or the personreading it they don't have the time to read through reams of text and pages The best cover letters are short and powerfuland are just one side of A4 So that's brilliant your cover letter shouldonly be one side of A4 I've had them before come through for jobsfor me and they've been two three four and sometimes five pages long I do not read them One side of A4 is perfect for a cover letter Tip number two make sure you load your coverletter with powerful key words and phrases So if you think about it the Hiring Managerwho reads your cover letter they will have read many of these before Therefore we need to make sure yours standsout from the other applicants And to achieve this we can make it uniqueby inserting a number of positive keywords and phrases such as I am professional I...