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Memorandum To All Moorish Americans R.V. Bey Publications Self Assessment Nationality Card Test #22012 Attribute: Date: Mailing Location: Email / Phone: In accord with the Laws of Nations and reflective
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The colonistsalright peace and love and peace andlove this Mario Bane and my topic todayis breaking down the Nationalidentification card that's the issuefrom our Beebe a publication calm thereason I want to break it down todaybecause it's a lot of people with thenation that has the nationalidentification card but doesn't reallyover Stan the meaning of having thatparticular car so today I want to breakit down going to the definitions of thewords that's on the card what they meanand basically how you use it how youenforce it okay all right i'ma start offat the very top of the nationalidentification card with where you seethe flag on the left you see thenational flag for North America which isred with the five sided green star inthe center okay the five-pointed greenstar in the center each point representslove truth peace freedom and justiceokaythat's nothing new to anyone that's inthe nation okay what I'll do next isI'll go to the word alloy deal I'll goto the word of loi to you and actuallyread and define the word allodial out ofa law dictionary allodial it says freenot holding up any Lord or superior ownwithout obligation of bow stitch orfealty the opposite of futileokay we just went into a loriel meaningthat we are the heirs of this land inparticular North America so really trulytechnically we shouldn't have to rentfrom anyoneonce we over stand our birth rights wereally shouldn't rent from anyonebecause this is our land we should beable to post up and do it we need to dogrow food make clothing createbusinesses on our own estate okaynow technically that's factual is itreality in the year 2017 Christiancalendar year Moorish calendar yearfourteen thirty-seven no it's notreality okay but technically that's whatit is all right now we'll go to the wordAmerican and it'll will be coming out ofthe Webster's 1828 American Dictionaryof the English language it says Americanand Aboriginal or one of the variouscopper colored natives found on theAmerican continent by the Europeans theoriginal application of the name okaythat references Webster's 1828 AmericanDictionary of the English language and1936 Webster's unabridged twentiethcentury dictionary alright now we'll goback to the national identification cardokay we'll scroll down right beneath theflag on the left hand side where it saysAppalachian okayappellation it says a name title ordesignation act of naming when you gointo the etymological meaning of theword appellation it says Appalachia andit basically means name but you have todistinguish the difference between atitle and a name okay when you'redealing with the five titles the fivenoble titles of North America you got elal de Bay and I'll leave those aretitles okay those are noble titles eachtitle means something okay each titlemeans something the bays and...