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10. 9 S nature of Medical Director 500 Pkgs. 7/93 Form OP 198 COpy 1 -FOR MED 2-71 -Replaces OP 199. -- --- APPLICATION FOR EXCUSE OF ABSENCE FOR PERSONAL NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION DIVISION OF HUMAN RESOURCES 65 Court Street Brooklyn N* Y. 11201 RCS PA8Cl4 5 ILLNESS SICK LEAVE I D0 Community District -For Information D School Secretar ddress of Applican ome District Read rules on reverse and type separate application I. To be Com Full Name an -City of Medical Division...
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What's up guys welcome back to my channel so in this video I'm going to be showing you a couple of different things today, but I first want to get a Hawaii gang notification gate shout out to all of you guys on screen thank you so much for being first on my last video thanks to everyone who tries to get to these videos it really helps me out a lot, so I have a really quick little sponsored being unboxing really quick in this video I tried to place my sponsored stuff well, but I didn't know where to put this one it was kind of just like random one-off, so I hope you guys don't mind, but this company is called Julia they are a jewelry brand, and they sent me a bracelet for my review opinion and sponsored the video so thank you so much to Julia, and I'm just showing you guys the unboxing of the product it was pretty interesting I never really heard of the brand before, but they have some gorgeous stuff I'm going to have the link down below so you guys can check them out they have all types of jewelry they have like wedding stuff they have casual stuff I look through the whole website and I found a couple of things I liked the item I chose today kind of matched the ring I have on my thumb and I love this ring it's such a big statement ring it's like very chunky and clingy I actually got that ring from my friend's boutique global it babes I'm going to have it linked down below and by the way all the pink rings that I have on right now I got off all the express I'll have the video linked in the cards you go to that video the links for these rings are going to be there and yeah, so I like that it came with this cloth so that you can clean off the bracelet or whatever jewelry that you get that cloth, so you can clean off the silver and stuff, so this is how it comes it's really like very well packaged if you were to give this to someone as a gift you could assemble it with the little bag that they gave you which I thought was really nice and thoughtful, so I'm simply going to take it out of the box show you guys looks like on everything Music how many minutes has I've been recording five bye bitches see you later alligator Oh children's show — sure s— — sir oh yeah no we got March you guys okay guys, so this is the bracelet this is how it looks from a distance it's really sparkly and pretty, and I feel like it's one of those like simple statement piece bracelets I think it's called a tennis bracelet or something it's really cute I love how it closes, and it was really easy for me to put on by myself so yeah if you guys like these types of jewelry reviews or whatever let me know being the silver clingy thing right now but um thank you guys for watching this thanks you so much to Julia for sponsoring this video and yeah let's go ahead and get into the tutorial okay so for today's video I am working on my sister and this is her two weeks of fills, so basically we did a one week ago we did a redesign where I just slapped on some color and did a paint job...
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